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Blowtorch recommendation?

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  • Blowtorch recommendation?

    Hello, I'm a beginner, just doing my first acorn. I gather that a blowtorch is often a tool used to add colour etc, can anyone recommend me the right one to buy please (UK). Many thanks!
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    Welcome to WCI forums.

    I use a Bernzomatic propane bottle torch. Mostly to burn off excess fuzzies from chainsaw carvings that I buy.
    It is so hot that I use a wire brush to scrub off most of the black charcoal. I see that I do not get any "acorn brown" coloring.

    If I wanted brown, I would seriously consider a stain, applied as a spray (airbrush, that sort of thing.)
    Brian T


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      I don't do it myself but when I go to chain carving events I see the carvers just using a regular handheld torch as Brian described above. I do know you can buy different types of "nozzles" such as spreaders, etc. but didn't notice anything special being used at the festivals. Just carve away and see what you need.
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        Thanks guys, really appreciate the help. I did use a stain and that worked to some degree, though I' also wanted some darker strokes on there to differentiate the crust from the nut. It's a great process of discovery being new at something and the discoveries I made yesterday is a) I can use my dremel as well and b) my dremel has a ton of blades I can play with and c) by controlling the speed of the dremel you can create and even remove dark burn bits... result! I've also bought a blowtorch thing with variable setting so I get to play with that when it arrives today. Good fun this


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          The only thing I have to add is that I'd recommend using a standard propane cylinder on that Bernzomatic Torch and not Mapp gas. Mapp gas burns hotter and might provide more heat than you desire.