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How should I store this started really wet carving?

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    Nice work! Looks great and nice use of the tree


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      Thanks guys. Got the second bird/gnome house mostly done, lack putting superdeck oil on it. I need to wait for the glue to dry. I'm also waiting on the solar lights I ordered to figure that part out.
      Built the roof so it just sit on the house, for easier access

      It's all made out of Cedar, except the flower boxes which are redwood, and the flowers. They are Tulipwood and aspen.

      Used my hunter green shop trim paint on the trim.

      Bird perch, the hole is 2" in diameter, though I don't know what kind of bird that lives around here would use this.

      It's 24 inches long, 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

      Made the front sort of like I want to do over the door on my woodshop someday.

      My branch is a bit on the thin side, I'm not sure this will hold in a wind or if birds actually live in it. I guess if it breaks I can notch it and add a piece of metal.

      Took me most of the day finished up about 2am, it's dark out ;-)

      One more to go. Was hoping to do a turned one, kind of depends on if I can find the wood I want to do it.

      What do you think?
      Thanks ~Mike


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        Boy, you're spoiling the birds in your neighborhood.
        . . .JoeB


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          Thanks Joe.
          Got the second birdhouse mounted to the tree, painted the windows and trim on the tree and started on the final bird/gnome house. Trying to make it look like a giant acorn upside down.
          A piece of Siberian Elm that I blocked off a couple years back and sealed with wax. Using one of my bowl patterns to cut it out.
          Mounted in the lathe with my screw on faceplate.

          The top of the acorn (well it will be the bottom as it will be an upside down acorn).

          Lathed out some from this side, the wood was a little out of balance and I thought this might help when I turn it around.

          Mounted on my lathe chuck doveltail jaws that fit the dovetail tenon I cut while on the other way.

          Need to remove the center and deepen this so the bottom and sides are around 3/4 inch thick.

          Pretty close to 3/4" thick threw out.

          I hope it doesn't break as easily as the piece it came out of.

          Just sitting on the branch I will need to do a little carving on the tree to make it sit level.

          I'll probably extend the "stem" a bit, probably carve a diamond pattern into it as well. The top could be interesting to make as I don't think I have a large enough piece of wood so may have to glue some blocks together.

          What do you think?
          Thanks ~Mike


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            I imagine I'm boring everyone with these posts, if you all would rather I just post the finished projects let me know and won't do the progress stuff again?

            Making some progress on bird/gnome house number 3. Couldn't find a log the right size around my place, went out to a logger friends work yard and found one, called him to see if I could steal it, he said go ahead. It was 11" in diameter and 14" long. I needed the finished diameter to be 9¾" to match up with the "acorn" cap.

            The log after chainsawing of the ends (they were moldy) and debarking and rounded off.

            Moisture content is a bit high.

            A few "noodles" I had to stop and clean them up a couple times I was running out of maneuvering room.

            I've never really turned pine much, never made a bowl out of one anyway. I was afraid of the wood being to soft to lathe like I do a bowl (with just support on one side). So my bowl gouge wasn't big enough for this. I had a long piece of mild steel so I cut it on an angle and sharpened it.

            Kind of freaky, down to about 3/8" still connected at the bottom.

            Got this side down to about 3/4" and it started to wobbled so I stopped the lathe and cut it off with a handsaw.

            Sitting on the "cap" I haven't finished carving yet. I think it will kind of look like an acorn?

            This is a container I used about 5 years ago when I made a bunch of bowls from storm damage trees. It had 5 gallon of denatured alcohol in it back then, even with the lid on most has evaporated and I only had 1 gallon on hand. I'll have to get more tomorrow so it's completely covered to displace the water in the wood.

            15 gallons of mulch once it dries.

            Still have to finish carving the cap, add a door, cut windows in the top, finish installing all the solar lights. Getting closer to done though. For a project I thought would take a weekend, this is taking a lot longer than I thought. I have much appreciation for you chainsaw carvers that whip out a bear in half a day.

            Thanks ~Mike


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              You are doing fantastic work there, autobodymman. I have some carved gnomes on a shelf near me that don't look happy when they see your projects,.because they wonder why I don't do the same. Excellent work!
              Living among knives and fire.



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                Yup, definitely an acorn. Keep the pics coming.