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Refinishing a chainsaw carving

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  • Refinishing a chainsaw carving

    We purchased a chainsaw carving of a fire truck bench several years ago at a charity auction. We applied an outdoor lacquer of some sort that was recommended at the time but the bench part was clearly not dry enough and sap seeped its way through. It was kept outside for a couple/three years and then we brought it in with hopes of repainting it and protecting it better for the future. We've had it in our garage for the past two years and would really like to rejuvenate it this year and get it back outside. I'm looking for advise on how we should prepare it for paint, paint, and then protect it from the elements. Any help would be appreciated.

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    We have really brutal temperature swings over a year's time. Same with wet/dry rain and snow.
    The UV is merciless on wooden surfaces of all kinds.
    Modern alkyd house paints are as good as it gets for your application.
    Sikkens Cetol protects bare wood but ultra smelly and very costly.

    Me? I'd begin with a magnifying glass for a detailed look for any carver's signature and date.
    That must be preserved. No wonder you bought it = extremely cool object d'art.
    I'd shelter that carving from the weather and do nothing else.
    The bench part maybe needs some power sanding but see first if you can match the paints.
    Brian T


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      Very nice and unique carving, especially for chain saw, Dianna. Curious what part of the world you live in since that will help determine the type of finish...sunny/hot versus cold/snowy/rain. Thanks for posting and a very nice piece!
      Living among knives and fire.


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        We live in Wisconsin and are ok with bringing it in for the winter if that's best. We had it sitting on some patio blocks so it was not indirect contact with the soil. As far as sun - it is in a full sun location.