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what is your favorite chainsaw?

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  • what is your favorite chainsaw?

    just my chainsaw failed last week and look for a good alternative.

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    I was gifted a couple of power saws, one gas, one electric.
    For local parts and service in this community with active logging and saw mills,
    I'd like to go STIHL.
    Brian T


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      Had a Pullen and work fine for cutting trees/ carving.
      Living among knives and fire.


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        Stihl is pretty much#1 for gas models. Husqvarna if you can get good parts and service locally.
        Have no experience with electric, but Stihl makes electric and get good reviews.


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          Stihl, or Husqvarna, both are good saws . Choose the one that you can get service/parts for locally. I ran a repair shop for over 20 years and didn't see any problems with either make ( the problems usually originated with the operator not the machine... )
          If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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            Hi, Albert.
            I moved you thread to the Chainsaw forum so more people should see it there.

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              ive had several saws ,including johnsred, but my favorite was my more recent stihl. high rpm and loads of power. this summer i needed an electric, battery style. local store has the husqvarna, and that one is a mighty fine saw ! electric wouldnt be first choice for cutting a whole season of firewood though but great for dismantling a large woodshed i needed to take down.

              photos at........


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                I recently bought a good chainsaw for cutting them. I also thought for a long time which saw is better more powerful and easier 1 service helped me on which I compared these characteristics can you choose something for yourself


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                  My 2 cents would be Echo. A lot of bang for the buck and best warranty.


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                    I was sponsored by Stihl for chainsaw carving for a couple of years, and they loaned me saws which were pretty much bomb proof. You cannot go wrong with them

                    A couple of years ago, I got an Echo. I like it a lot. So far it is just as good as any Stihl I have used, and Echo has a better warranty.