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Stihl mse170c for chainsaw carving

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  • Stihl mse170c for chainsaw carving

    Hi all Brand new to chainsaw carving and the forum but eager to get into it!
    my current chainsaw is too big I feel for finer stuff (echo cs510)
    I have got the chance of a really cheap stihl mse170c electric corded saw
    feel electric be alright
    -im in a residential area
    -only going to carve back yard at moment so close to power point
    -light and quiet
    Anyone using these electric saws for carving ? Are they any good?
    Can u get sprockets to fit carving bars?
    Any help appreciated

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    Hi Scotty,
    I'm sure there is a sprocket for your Stihl electric out there but it maybe not be as common as others. I would check with Bob King with Bear Necessities. Bob King is a world renowned chainsaw artist that sells some carving supplies. If he can't help you he ,or his wife may have another contact.
    Just a side note, and only my 2 cents, when looking for a saw to set up with a 1/4 pitch chain( carving bar setup), make sure you can get a 1/4 pitch sprocket first. This applies to both gas and electric saws. This can save a lot of time and frustration.
    Another thought, If you bought the saw over the internet, try your local stihl dealer for the sprocket. They have been using 1/4 pitch chain on some of their saws and may cross over.
    Good Luck and carve safe,
    Bob Younger


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      Hi Thanks Bob
      I'll check with the dealer
      thanks for your help
      I'll carve it up


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        Check with a Stihl dealership for genuine parts. I've watched Tom Lafontaine rough out totem poles with every Stihl saw from a 36" bar down to 12" with a dime tip. He gets pretty close to the line before he switches to finishing details.

        I have a Remington 16" electric to rough out some larger carvings in western red cedar.
        Particularly, some poor wood with knots.

        Stihl is #1 and Husquvarna is #2 here in the forest industry.
        Brian T


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          Also recommend Chainsaw carving on Facebook, it has a lot of the top carvers. I am sure they also can answer questions and give inspiration.
          . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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            Thanks Brian I think I'll give the electric stihl a go


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              Scotty, here's a link to the first of three short documentaries of Tom LaFortune carving a "Welcome Figure" totem pole. The side bar has the connections to Parts 2 and 3.
              He's been carving for 45+ years. Pretty good at it.

              WOODWORKING, Totem Pole Carving Pt 1, With Tom Lafortune - YouTube

              The guy wearing the yellow ear muffs is the Samurai Carpenter that put the videos together.

              Google the Chetwynd International Invitational Chainsaw Carving Championships and scroll through the galleries of past annual events.
              Brian T


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                Thanks I'll have a look