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Questions about my Stihl 192T.

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  • Questions about my Stihl 192T.

    Hello all, I’m brand new to chainsaw carving. I had a Stihl 192T that I have used for years landscaping and just recently purchased a Stihl 12” dime bar and 1/4” pitch chain. I replaced the sprocket and the nylon piece the sprocket fits in. I started carving and my piece is covered in bar oil. Like a lot. What the heck did I do wrong? I took my saw in and had a Stihl tech look up the parts I need for my saw. (Prior to starting) So I feel good about that??? Any suggestions. Really appreciate any advice.

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    Yeh, they do that: when you cut with the underside of the bar the oil shoots off the end of the bar, when you carve with the tip the oil has nowhere else to go but over the carving


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      Well ok then, thanks so much for the info!


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        Hi Nikki,
        I usually worry more about there not being enough oil getting on the carving bar than to much. Without the oil you will fry the carving bar since it doesn't have a sprocket on the nose.I usually run my oiler wide open if the saw has an adjustable oiler. A tank of gas to a tank of oil or close to that ratio. If the saw has an adjustable oiler you can turn it down a little but be careful not to turn it down to much. If the oiler is not adjustable you're stuck with the factory set up.
        Good Luck and carve safe.


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          So flipping terrific of you to reply, can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. No oil adjustments for the 192T. I guess I’m just used to hacking up old trees, using larger saws that use the whole bar and soak up all the oil. This is a whole new ball game! Stay safe as well!