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    Hello all, I’ve been scouring this site for days now but figured I would finally ask my what I’m trying to find. Would like to give chainsaw carving a try. I currently only own an older Poulon Pro 2418A. Purchased years ago, runs fine and only used for small cleanups. Have a few questions on whether I should
    1. Use this saw as a blocking saw and purchase a new one for more detail work (ie: MS170?)
    2. Modify my existing to a detail saw (dime or quarter tip) and purchase a larger saw for blocking
    3. Disregard this saw altogether and purchase something new
    I have gotten the feeling that Stihl is a go to brand. Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions

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    Hindsight for saw selection seems based on experience here. We have a few good guys who have been invited to the Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship. Google that and look at the saws.
    Stihl seems to be a brand standard. I have a Poulan gasser and a Remington electric. Used neither.
    While I can get really cheap logs, it isn't a direction that interests me. 60-80" is the limit so far.
    I'm quite paranoid about having a log roll over on me in my shop with nobody to call.

    Local hardware store has 100' spools of most chain sizes up to 48" bars. Different out here.

    You are far better off to set up a little saw with a dime tip on the bar.
    The deal is you can get 1/4" Stihl chain for those for the fine cuts.
    I know a guy who has been to Chetwynd several times. He pulls a little trailer with 10 Stihl saws in it.

    Hey! Good luck with this. Buy a junk log, set it up and have a hack at it. You might just answer a lot of your own questions.
    Brian T


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      Hey Brian I think that’s probably the right approach to “set it up and have a hack at it”. From there I can see what I may or may not need. Abundance of wood in the backyard, mainly oak, whatever doesn’t work can go in the fire pit. I appreciate the response.


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        I am not a chain saw carver but I have looked in to doing some. There are some good youtubes on learning to carve with a chainsaw, if you have not seen them.
        We live in the land of the free because of the brave!