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Any interest in a small get together?

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  • Any interest in a small get together?

    I've thought about this for awhile now. Is there any interest in having a small get together of chainsaw carvers? Say 6 to 10 carvers. I would hold it at my shop in Eagle, WI. It would be a chance to carve in a group, make new friends, share ideas, possibly learn some new techniques. Any ideas are welcome. This forum has been so helpful to me over the years and I feel this would be away of giving back. I have plenty of pine and spruce logs.
    Just a thought.
    Take care and carve safe.

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    Even though I am not into chainsaw carving (yet), I appreciate your generous invitation and the spirit of it. If I were nearer, I would even ask if I could come just to get some info on this aspect of our woodcarving hobby. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh is a bit too far for me to consider. I hope that you get some takers!



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      Hi Tim,
      Thanks for the response. I hope it helps encourage some more local carvers to try and put something together. Not sure exactly on the details, like if it should just be one day or two. If it should have a more structured approach? I guess it will get determined by interest.
      Tim, if you ever get this way feel free to get in contact. Always happy to share carving thoughts.
      Take care and carve safe,