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Photos of old carvings ( looking for)

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  • Photos of old carvings ( looking for)

    Does anyone know of a book or web site that would have pictures of the flat plane carvers work from the past? Have found A few but there must be more out there.

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    Pin flat plane carving. Google search: flat plane carvings also flat plane carving books. Google search: flat plane carving images. From each search look up the source and extend the search. Also, woodcarving illustration does have books on flat plane carvings. Pin Interest is the best site these days for massive photo images of wood carvings and special interest carvings.


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      I believe this is Gene Messer's old blog which has a lot of pics and info. on flat plane carving.

      Bob L


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        Mike Shipleys books are flat plane style,I think he has 1 or 2 books out.
        Mark N. Akers
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          Go to "Little Shavers" website. They sell Tools but go to bottom and look around for flat plane info, hoboes and the self made man etc. Its a great site for learning. We should support Theresa as well.
          Rick Ferry was owner; but sadly passed a number of years ago. Rick was early member here on the forum and knew a lot about Trygg and early flat plane carver. He helped me personally as well as many others and was a petty decent carver, knife maker and story teller as well.
          I still have pictures of hoboes on my bench