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What makes for a good flat plane carving

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  • What makes for a good flat plane carving

    I just started carving last October and really like flat plane art. I know styles differ, and opinions differ, etc. But what makes for a good flat plane carving?

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    similar thread here recantly
    Buffalo Bif


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      I like the flat plane carving style enough that I'll buy some outstanding examples.
      Here in WCI, I see FP work over the years and learn that carvers have their "styles."
      Seeing that, I hope that what I've purchased is representative of each those carvers.

      What I don't have is the bold confidence to approximate curved surfaces with flat cuts.

      I have a living fig tree in the corner of my living room. Artisanal ornaments are hung on it
      for me to admire every day. So if you ever wondered what I did with your works that I've bought,
      they are swinging in the breeze!
      Brian T


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        Harley Refsal is probably the best expert on flat plane and he has several great books out there. James Miller is a young up and coming flat plane carver who has articles in WCI as well as online videos. I marvel at how great flat plane carving is and the history of it. It isn't as easy as some think.
        Living among knives and fire.


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          Gene Messer is also a great flat plane carver. Just do a search here on WCI for Gene: https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...%7D&btnSubmit=

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            I just ordered a Refsal book. And I do watch the gentle soul, Messer. Thank you for your comments.