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couple of Trygg hobo patterns

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    I did a google search and this post from 2/24/2013 started by Nomad with pictures came up on printerest. You can go to the second page and find a comment from a Trygg grandson. Here is the address: https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...952-trygg-hobo
    This address works for me as I tried it in an email and I hope it works for you.


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      Yup I saw that thread. I'm looking for the actual Trygg hobo patterns that Urbansheepdog drew and posted here in the first post of this thread.

      Bob L


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        Hope Just Carving is still looking for these patterns. This guy has just been laying around my bench, IMG_20200626_0001.pdf almost threw him away. I carved him when the issue came out.
        If you look close you can see where his bindle is supposed to be, drill through his hand and use 3-4 inch piece of wood and it helps to carve bindle to fit hobos back.


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          Whoops.. Thought I was sending actual pattern. Hope this comes through.
          I am trying to learn some of this tech stuff.
          Let me know if it does not work will try again