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what is wood carving?

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    You're OK. I like to collect my thoughts with pencil drawings on 11x17 paper.
    I know there's a stack of 30+ sheets. Still looking.
    Brian T


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      This poem really sums it up for me:

      "I saw this piece of wood one day
      When I picked it up it seemed to say

      There's something hiding inside of me
      Remove some chips and you will see

      I looked to see what I might find
      And soon an image came to mind

      My task was now to set it free
      What's hidden in this piece of tree?

      With loving care each cut was made
      Wood peeled off with a sharp-edged blade

      And as each chip fell to the floor
      I could see the object more and more

      By one final cut it was set free
      My work of art for all to see

      This piece of wood which would just lay
      And see its body soon decay

      Was now transformed and given life
      With careful cuts of gouge and knife

      By carving something from this tree
      It lives again because of me"

      The poem comes from a great book called The Complete Book of Woodcarving, Everything You Need to Know to Master the Craft by Everett Ellenwood


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        Nice. Thanks for posting



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          What woodcarving for me is. To get away from the world for a while and not think about anything else. Plus hoping not to cut myself. Plus its very relaxing, much better than sitting around watching television.

          Wade R