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Best wood for a mini skateboard mold

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  • Best wood for a mini skateboard mold

    I'm interested in making miniature skateboards to show off my art work. I need to make a mold for the boards and wasn't sure what type of wood to use. I was going to buy a block of basswood and just sand down the concaves but I'm not sure if it's too soft and will lose it's shape if put under a lot of pressure. Any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

    Also, I don't have any power tools, so I'll be doing any sanding and carving by hand.

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    Yes you could use basswood for making a mini skateboard - - - and even a mini skateboarder!


    Seriously, I think you will need much harder wood to make a mold. What material will you be moulding?
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      darkwriterxx94, can you give us a few more details of exactly what you want to do?

      What sort of artwork are you looking to showcase with these mini skateboards?
      What size skateboard are you looking for.. 4" long? 8" long? 12" long?
      How smooth of a finish do you need on the skateboard?
      Why would you be applying pressure, enough for the wood to lose its shape?
      What, exactly, will you be molding, and what material will you be pouring into the mold?

      Any recommendations will depend greatly on whatever additional details you can supply.


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        If you are vacuum forming then basswood or even pine would work. But so would ceramic clay, depending on how big you are making these.