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  • Why do you carve?

    carve.jpgDecided to do a few question answer threads. This one ....Why do you carve?
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    An interesting question, Dileon. The cartoon illustrates an experience most of us have had, That is, as carvers (beavers) we are driven by a natural urge to remove wood (create, produce). As we look around, in our carving clubs or on this site, we see others with similar urges producing amazing works.

    The beaver meme breaks down when we consider the end goal. The beavers are building a lodge. Some people carve to make items to sell. Some (like me) make things that decorate our homes and challenge our skills.
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      Good question. I've always been a person who likes learning new things and years ago I tried carving but things just didn't "click" in my head. Decades later, being retired, I decided to just do it and plowed through books, videos, etc. Finally it all clicked in my head. Now it is a compulsion that I enjoy.

      I find it very, very relaxing and also gives me a creative outlet. My interest is flat plane caricature animal carving...with my own style. I just carve what I like and don't care what others like...just me.

      The cartoon has a lot of various depths to it, and I really like it.
      Living among knives and fire.


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        I hate Sudoku and I've never been very good at word games so whittlin' is the best way I know to keep that gray blob of matter between my ears stimulated!


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          My Fall, Winter, and early Spring are taken up with teaching Hunter Education here in Kansas, as well as hunting deer, coyotes, pheasants and quail. I took up carving to fill in during the late Spring to Summer when I was not out afield hunting things.

          Since I had back surgery 6 months ago and can't hunt this year, I have been carving up a storm! Like Eddy, I find it mentally stimulating to carve and it is a way for me to get out and carve 'with the guys' once a week at our carving club!


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            I like making a mess.

            Bob L


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              I enjoy being creative, and find it to be one of the most relaxing hobbies that I've ever had ...... and I've had a few over the years. I sell a lot of my carvings at local craft shows . I don't get big prices for my stuff, but have found it's the only hobby I've ever had that not only paid it's own way, but actually made me a little spending money. Not too many golfers, fishermen or hunters can say that!...
              If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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                I just like the sense of creating. But, as we get older there are things that start to creep into our minds, and just to be sitting around and basically doing nothing let the creepy crawly thing get out of hand. By carving, it keeps my mind and hand too busy to worry about those things. This site serves as a kick in the behind to improve my skills, which have a way to go
                . . .JoeB


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                  I sit down with a knife and a bit of basswood, and a cup of coffee or a beer. Next thing I know, an hour or more has gone by, I'm surrounded by chips, and I haven't touched my beverage.

                  That's why I whittle.
                  Buffalo Bif


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                    I've tried several media over the years, and the first one I did well enough to be happy with over an extended period was pottery. Caring for a handicapped son eventually made it impossible to continue, as pottery isn't a craft that you can start and stop at the drop of a hat. Also, as time went by, it became apparent that the arthritis in my hands would no longer allow me to work the clay in preparation for throwing on the wheel.

                    At that point, I took a leisure class in relief carving and I was hooked. Here was a craft I enjoyed, was easy on my hands, and one that I could start and stop quickly as needed. I had carved a couple of items in the round decades ago, but this was now the right thing at the right time, and it stuck. Further, I also repair and restore antique clocks, and it's handy to be able to carve pieces that are missing from clock cases. I can also say that I agree with all that's already been said!


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                      I did the professor thing. I gave a bunch of lectures, used up some spit. Graded bunches (100's) of papers and handed them back.
                      What did I have to show for an entire semester's effort? A single sheet of letters and numbers and names. 30+ years of abstractions.

                      Wood carving leaves me every evening with something of substance, finished or not.
                      As my grandmother predicted, I see things in the wood to carve. I can put my hand on it.
                      The rest of the release is just satisfaction. It still is, even in retirement.
                      Brian T


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                        Originally posted by Buffalo Bif View Post
                        I sit down with a knife and a bit of basswood, and a cup of coffee or a beer. Next thing I know, an hour or more has gone by, I'm surrounded by chips, and I haven't touched my beverage.
                        I find it relaxing. After working all day on esoteric engineering stuff at NASA, I could come home, go down to my work area and turn my brain off. I have had many a cup of coffee in an insulated mug go cold, and beer get warm, without my noticing...

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                          I started carving to make myself more employable as a joiner, more skills=more money. My first work commission starts next week and I find I just want to carve my dragons head, worth nothing, just fun. With an active imagination and no real skill in drawing or painting, carving wood is great and hopefully a hobby I can get paid for.


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                            I can sit down with my knife and a chunk of basswood, get in a zone, and hopefully will have created something that will make others chuckle.


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                              Great way to pass the time of day. Nice feeling when you amaze yourself at what you just carved.