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    Edit 1.jpgEdit 2.jpgEdit 3.jpgEdit 5.jpg Interaction with serpents is simply a fact of life here in Hoopin Holler. I protect the blacksnakes, here on the ranch, with a passion, ~ mainly because they keep the mice at bay , ~ the rattlers and copperheads away, ~ using a simple methodology, ~ they eat them. Now and then, they do rear up to bite me on the bu… …..uuhhh, cause me to question the wisdom of my actions.

    As soon as warm weather arrives here in the Holler ~ I move my carving operation onto the front porch. A few years ago..............

    It was early morning ~ I poured a large mug of my imported from Cajun Country, ~ French Roast coffee, ~ stepped out onto the porch, ~ took a few moments to enjoy the view, ~ a few minutes to watch the hummingbirds. Time to start carving. I moved the stick I was carving on, ~ which lay across the seat of my chair, ~ stropped my knife, ~ sat down for a period of coffee and carving.

    I think I need to fine tune my memory ~ and observational skills. Right there beside me ~ was a stack of sticks, ~ waiting for me to start carving on. Something drew my attention to these future carvings ~ I looked over at them, ~ and thought, ~ I don't remember working on that one, ~ D**n, I'm good!

    Then, the stick ~ imitating old Moses’ staff, started to move, ~ then, imitating old Pharaoh, ~ I started to move. Fortunately ~ this "come to life" staff, ~ did not eat the staff I was carving.

    I learned two lessons that morning ~ pay attention to your surroundings, ~ don't be deluded into thinking your skills are better than they are!

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    Nothing like a live stick in the morning to wake you up!! :-)
    We live in the land of the free because of the brave!


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      Geez Paul, and here I thought you carved that snake on the stick! That would either make me give up stick carving or start storing my sticks in the attic!
      Keep On Carvin'
      Bob K.

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        I nearly broke a state record for the standing broad jump, when I encountered a copperhead on one walk through the woods! Snakes don't scare me as much as these unexpected surprises!
        'If it wasn't for caffeine, I wouldn't have any personality at all!"


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          We do not have snakes in the islands....thank goodness they would be monsters. But that element of surprise, when you see one nearby is scary. Long ago... I remember hiking in the woods and looking up to hanging tree, there hanging also was a snake about a foot away from me. Talk about a board jump backward. The AM wake up....snakes do get the blood moving faster than the coffee.


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            Those moving sticks are the hardest to carve.


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              I'm assuming you I would have been on the way to the emergency room to get treated for hot coffee spill burns
              . . .JoeB


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                Glad you didn't try to carve your initials in that one, might not turn out well.

                Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                  WoW! Here in my part of Kansas, the only snakes I can tolerate are the 'flat snakes'...the ones that are only about a half inch thick, and that have been run over by a car!!!


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                    I spent my youth hunting and fishing the Louisiana swamps and woods. There were copperheads, coral snakes, several species of rattlers and the cottonmouth water moccasins - a very aggressive snake, ~ I still have the "startle effect" when surprised by a snake ~ take a nice big jump away, ~ then look to see if the action had been necessary.


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                      Indeed, but can you carve a snake to look like a stick?