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Need pattern for horned toad

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  • Need pattern for horned toad

    About 20 years ago, I attended the carving roundup in Texas and carved a little horned toad which I gave to my aunt. Now I need to carve one to add to the habitat of another carving, but I cannot find the pattern in my file. Does anyone have a pattern? Please....
    From Missouri

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    I took your bait.
    Google Horned+Toad+Images.
    About 1/2 way down the first page, I found a few drawings, top & side, that I think I could work from.
    Somehow copy and save, enlarge to the size needed and print.

    Then, I'd stick those prints to a window and trace on a clean paper to get a line drawing to put on some wood.
    What cute little critters! I'd be in the shop, looking for birch to hold any "horny toad" details.


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      You will note that Google corrects the search term to "Horned Lizard" which is the true name.


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        Needing patterns, look up Gordon Stiller. He has most everything.


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          Horn Toad is an accepted common name. Even if his real name is Herbert.
          Is a "Gopher" a snake, a tortoise or Richardson's Ground Squirrel?

          Give the body form, what are the best woods to hold much of that spike detail?


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            The two that I made previously were just carved from basswood. The spikes weren't super sharp but if you want them sharper than carved, perhaps apoxy sculpt would let you add to them.
            From Missouri


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              I am making spikes for dragon... after a few failed attempts I was told I need a tight grain that would not break, and maple was the best for those spikes. So I am trying so far it is going to extreme sharp.