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19th Century Woodcarving

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  • 19th Century Woodcarving

    Drystal bridges 01.jpgCrystal Bridges 02.jpgFree Info.jpgFree 01.jpgFree 02.jpgFree 03.jpg
    Sorry 'bout that! I copied but forgot to paste.

    Located here in NW Arkansas ~ Crystal Bridges is a fantastic art museum. Admission is free ~ only requiring registration ~ this requirement is because Walmart provides the museum's budget based on per capita visitation. Diana and I have been there many times to view the permanent collection. We will be visiting Crystal Bridges in the next few weeks to view a travelling collection (not free) of my favorite artist ~ Georgia O'Keefe.

    The O'keefe exhibit was incredible. I would have liked to have seen more of her flowers and "bones".But, most interesting was the breath of her art ~ even including sculpture.

    I also took time to take some pics of a 19th Century woodcarving (entitles Free) that is in the permanent exhibit. It is enclosed in a glass case so the photos are not the best and reflections could not be eliminated.

    The fine detail (face, fingernails, etc.) cannot be seen in photos. It is amazing, to me, that a woodcarving (basswood) of this artistic level was accomplished with tools available at the time. It would be quite an accomplishment with the equipment available today.
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    Looks like you've been to Crystal Bridges.

    Old carvers never die... they just whittle away.


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      Thanks Dave, what a mistake I made.


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        Thanks for the post-Paul. It seems the building reflect it's contents
        . . .JoeB


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          Thanks for the post, Paul. that is an amazing woodcarving.


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            We were looking about visiting it ourselves in the fall. Figuring on which time share to use - non real close but close enough. several day trip from here.


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              That carving looks incredible. Are there many wood carvings in the collection? I've been wanting to go down there, but just haven't yet. This may give me the incentive to get it done. I don't really live to far from there, only about an hour drive, if that much.


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                Outstanding work of art and history! Thanks for sharing Paul
                We live in the land of the free because of the brave!


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                  Unfortunately sculpture is not a major part of the exhibits in the museum at Crystal Bridges. I know that there are more along the trails ~ but I am unable to hike as I once did "when I wore the clothes of a younger man" (love "Bojangles"). I cannot skip the interior exhibits and, if I remember correctly, there are two miles of walking there. The staff are welcoming and have quite a bit of knowledge about the exhibits. There are three big NO NOs ~ do not touch the exhibits, no flash photography and THANK HEAVEN cell phones are for photography only.

                  Crystal Bridges has a web site with a lot more information. The traveling exhibits are not free ~ but admission fees are not unreasonable. My only expense advice is ~ consider food costs equal to airports and sports arenas.


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                    wonderful piece!