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Roy Underhill Drives Me Nuts!

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  • Roy Underhill Drives Me Nuts!

    I was looking up some carving videos and saw that Mary May is on a Woodwright's Shop episode. I haven't watched that show in many years, so I thought I'd take a look. It only took a few minutes for me to remember why I always had a hard time watching his show. He seems to always need to hold every single piece of anything that is being discussed and always has to have his hands in the shot. He'll put his fingers a few inches from where they are working. If the guest is holding something up, Underhill will want to hold onto the piece too. It's in every episode and you can see how it makes some of the guests a bit uncomfortable too.

    What gives? I thought that, perhaps, he tells the camera operators to just follow his hands, but he is the only person that I have ever seen do this. Whatever the reason, it drives me crazy!
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    Try asking him that question.
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      This is funny, because I thought it was just me. I even told my wife that I hate watching his show when he has a guest join him... for that reason.
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        Kudos to Fiddlestix in causing me to reflect on 'The Woodwright Shop', a show I watched only a few times. I loved the introduction with Roy walking down Wall Street with his toolbox, but I can't remember much his individual shows.

        I found Roy's skills much more advanced than mine, so I gave up on him. In Canada, there was a similar figure, but he wasn't well known. Tom Fidgen started "The Unplugged Workshop" in Toronto. He has blossomed into quite an entrepreneur now, giving workshops, etc. When I first heard of him, he had just moved to Toronto from Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.

        He wrote a good book on woodworking with hand tools (which I bought and read). I was quite impressed with his ability to write, videos, woodworking skills and his desire to get on in life. But once I started carving, I didn't do much woodworking anymore. So I gave his book away and haven't thought about him in years.

        Thanks for the memories Fiddlestix. We need more people like you to create interesting threads.
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