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    This probably is old news and maybe it is fake news........Is it true this is the last year for Artistry in Wood? We went last year for the first time and truly enjoyed every minute of it. I hope it is just a rumor.

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    It is not a rumor, it will be the last year.


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      Any idea what the contributing factors were in this decision?


      Sorry for asking the question. I was looking on the web and read AIW reasoning for ending the show. Very sad that more people are no longer interested learning this art form. I am 48 and really enjoy carving.
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        When I first started 35 or so years ago, it was on an upswing. Books coming out all year long by different carvers, tv shows featuring carvers etc. Around 20 years into it, it seem to start falling off a little. After quite a number of "old timers" went on to a better place to carve, it appears the interest has accelerated in falling off. Hopefully, it will again start an upswing in the near future but that is up to others. Last year, I tried to teach some home schoolers carving for 10 weeks. All they were interested in were computer programs, dating, ball games and video games. One maybe two did eventually carve something but not one carved what I gave them to carve. To me, if one should to continue carving, then maybe I did achieve my purpose. That is all we can do now, talk it, show it, demonstrate it etc. Then there is hope and praying it will become an interest again and more will continue it. After all, carving has been around since man or woman learned to shape a piece of wood!


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          Several hobbies seem to be dying off and most are those with a lot of senior members. Guess time moves on and many are no longer interested at a younger age, while obviously, the elders pass on. There will always be some who appreciate the hobbies and are amused by the art forms and history though. We are in a period where many are no longer interested in stage coaches, horse technology, and wood carving. JMO
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            I am 52, but always was more comfortable with those a generation or two older than me. Maybe it's because I was a surprise to my parents late in life or maybe because the nearest of my 3 siblings is ten years older than me.

            Most of my hobby interests are seeing the same thing. I collect and play with old pre and post war trains, I still love slot cars. woodworking, and blacksmithing. Sadly, I am one of the youngest people at most of the related events. I know that despite my best efforts, my 24 year old son could not be bothered with any of these hobbies. I still have hope for my daughter though.

            Luckily, I think that there will always be a small group of hardcore fans. In the meantime, I have a thee day weekend and hope to carve some wood and play with my trains. May even catch a rerun of Gunsmoke on TVLand tomorrow afternoon.

            Wishing everyone on the forum a pleasant weekend,



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              How sad! I am strictly a pocketknife whittler by personal choice, but though I don't own & use the standard chisels, gouges, etc, I still do love seeing the art of woodcarving as much as anyone, & was hoping to get to go to that event at some point. It looked like a great event.


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                The arts as a whole has a sharp decline in visitors nationwide, this is all the fine arts and crafts....mind you, ..... not only that but cost to hold an event even with volunteers is major. Top that off with places that hold these shows rather make bigger money with other kinds of shows. Plus.....the arts decline is seen in art museums major, and all other kinds of art. Tons of galleries complain bitterly that the interest is not there. It is happening here also....our best woods show are threatening or going to shut down. People visits and interest in the arts has been in decline the last 30 years, today we are seeing the effects of that. People are guessing as to why the loss of interest??? but no one can really say. Art and buying art are considered a luxury so people do not have the money they used to have when buying items? The arts fade and come back within history times, sometimes they totally disappear and come back later....mainly affordable to only the most wealthy and the elite. .Times are major changing in people and lifestyle, times of chaos of new times....brings the downfall of other things.
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                  Lets hope it is a pendulum in motion, like Dileon says, and maybe comes back with the "off the grid" crowd that is becoming so popular.


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                    That's New to me .. And very sad.


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                      On the Dayton site, they also mentioned the difficulty in getting new volunteers to help with putting on the show. The "old" ones who have left those volunteer slots are not being filled by younger members. The Kansas City Woodcarving show earlier this month is another casualty of attrition of members. Every space in the Pavillion was filled 5 years back. This last time? There were only 3 small rows of actual carvings. So very sad to see it diminished like that. Don't really see how it will even continue next year. It is also where carvers went each year for wood, rough outs and tools. Let's face it. Carving is primarily an older person's hobby. Younger people are working and raising their families. They just don't have the time to sit and carve. I sure wish there was an answer.


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                        I feel that I must give some input here. I absolutely LOVE carving. I carve everyday. I am so BLESSED to be able to. I retired from teaching at the community college level last year. Why??? Because of a total lack of interest from students. Cell phones should NEVER be allowed in the classroom!!! I refuse to waist my time. I hate to have to write this, but all of it is totally true. Some of the posts that I have read here proves what I am saying. If it is not electronic, the younger generation has NO interest. Carving is an art, with your brain, heart and soul being used. It is also a gift that we are GIVEN. There is none of this involved with using electronics. To get someone to put a cell phone down to carve, paint, play music, or start any type of art is all but impossible. I saw and faced it everyday and that is why I retired. I did not want to give it up, but I had no choice. We all have a very short time on this earth and I do not want to waste a second of it while I am here on earth. So I retired and thank God I am able to do a little carving to maybe pass on to loved ones who know me. Any art is a GIFT, not to be taken for granted. So to everyone who carves. or does any other type of art...… GO AT IT LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. I felt like I had to write this. I hate art is fading out, but it is not our fault when we try to teach others the art that we do. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. I admire and respect EVERY CARVER. Why? Because no matter how good we may be, we sit and think and take time to create something out of wood. Something that will last and hopefully be admired by our loved ones. Every one of you carvers have my TOTAL respect and let us keep carving alive.


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                          I'm a member of several forums from Pyrography to oil painting, and even pyrography is losing interest from the younger generations. Ham radio is rapidly losing interest with the "appliance operators," however the younger folks have a very keen interest in the nuts and bolts of microcontrollers, including the Arduino and Pic.

                          Computer technology has replaced a lot of interests like photography. You can do a lot more with computer video/art than I could ever think of with traditional photography. The digital stuff is amazing. So computer technology and associated communications (web/internet ie.) are a major interest for today's younger generation.

                          So things change and technology evolves. Heck, when photography came along it was rejected by the regular "art" crowd and many thought it would replace painting...which obviously it didn't. Buggy whip companies adapted or died and I see today as the same thing. Interests change.

                          So yes, I see today's technology is evolving with a lot of the old stuff being updated. Maybe wood carving will be replaced with 3D printers...who knows.

                          Things have changed and it gets harder and harder to adapt with age. Wood carving for me has replaced most of my other interests and I enjoy like do, as well as the members here. So my head goes down, I get to work and ignore all the negative stuff swirling around my head from radio/TV, etc. I too am blessed to be able to carve and live in carefree with retirement.

                          I have adapted to a lens to stuff and just look past any negative anymore. Good for the mind.

                          This is an excellent forum with great people and I feel at home here. So, back to carving and just keep on board here and you will be occupied with a great hobby. I can't say enough positive about this place.
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                            Sadly there is not much interest in carving for those whose hair is not yet gray. I use to get calls to give classes to scouts. It has ben 3 or 4 years sense I have done one. In our local carving club there is no one under 45. I tried to get my grandson interested when he was a teen but it was not as fun as his computer games. As Dileon said time are changing. Handmade skills of all forms are slowly disappearing. With CNC unit that carve out most anything or soon will and 3D printers carving skills are falling to the same hole as rotary phone and family dinner. But it is my salvation from the evening news and chaos that is becoming a way of life for the younger crowd.
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                              Young people today are absorbed by their cell phones. They spend so much time on their phones that they have little time to do anything else, especially arts and crafts. Woodcarving needs to be taught in schools, imo, including college. And not just classical sculpturing, but all types of carving.