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  • What normally do you work on?

    After being on this site for a spell, I See "it seems" so many of you all do just about one type of idea. Do you do this for (ha) fun, for $$, or just relaxing? and generally do you just do lil people, animals or whatever? I haven't had one thing hold my attention more than 3 of a kind. Except for 4 lil owls for necklace items I copied from one of the magazines. By that I will carve or chip one item "bird" make 3 then go to something else. I have a collection of small birds, dogs,and stuff like that. Should I look for an outlet ?$$. Thanks all.
    And I can now say I may have to change my handle.. to DNA today. twice. Make sure your knives are put back before picking up a pencil. Oh yes on the knives, I have mede 2 out of hacksaw a blade,
    Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!

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    Well, I have sold my premium walking sticks for a good sum but now just do carving for fun. Being a "senior" there is more to life than money. Some people don't realize that and die miserably. Heck, I could be homeless but as long as I have a knife...all is good.

    Personally, this forum is by far the best group of people I have met. Talented, funny, helpful, and with excellent ideas. What could be better?
    Living among knives and fire.


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      When you give a carving away you make someone happy and get a nice smile for your efforts and that's enough for me


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        I do it to keep the mind busy, along with the hands ∙∙∙∙∙∙
        . . .JoeB


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          I like animals, struggle with people, tho I'm improving there. I prefer whittling things that do more than just sit on a shelf- ornies every year, bottle stoppers are good...
          Buffalo Bif


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            Wood carving is all about having fun. Carve whatever makes you happy, and if selling your work is your thing, then do it. I've been carving my whole life. I've sold a ton of my carvings and have given even more of them away. I only sell my work for the hell of it...the money is not important to me. Personally, I get more satisfaction out of giving my carvings away. I've carved just about everything there is to carve. I've done birds and ducks, wooden chains and whimseys, animals, Santas, elves, ornaments, cowboys and caricatures, and everything in between. I've always carved whatever I felt like carving at the time. My point is, carve whatever you want to carve and don't worry about what everybody else is carving.
            Keep On Carvin'
            Bob K.

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              Bob K's comments perfectly reflect my philosophy, except I don't sell my carvings.


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                I don't decide what to carve. That's never happened with any success at all.
                My grandmother predicted that I would see things in the wood to carve. I thought she was a nut-case.
                She was right. She's still a nut-case.

                I have many large piles of wood, both indoors and out. Maybe I walk past them for a day or a year.
                Then I see what it is. Has even happened up in the mountains, splitting big wood to hold a fish.
                I must bear down and finish some, I need the bench space.

                This is a large turtle. It took 2 years to see it.
                Brian T


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                  I do not think many of us do it just for the money. I have carved many different subjects mostly for the challenge of learning something new. But walking sticks and canes are my thing. You can incorporate most any subjects you want into one. You can incorporate all the decretive carving techniques you want being as basic or as elaborate as you choose. And when you’re done it is something that is useful and a work of art. But most of all it is just fun.


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                    Sorry NoDNA, but I noticed I didn't fully answer the question.

                    I mostly carve caricature type carvings and basic things...nothing "sophisticated." I'm no longer interested in tedious work but enjoy what I do. Very satisfying.

                    Sell? No, I give everything away to whoever and like to leave some just sitting around anonymously, and sometimes with a restaurant tip, or any purchase. I give some away to people I meet on the morning walk. It makes me feel good and hopefully the recipient also.

                    I'll leave some holiday-appropriate carvings on graves also.

                    The small amount I could get for selling them isn't worth my time, trying to. I sell non carved walking sticks but trying to get out of that...but money is good, real good.
                    Living among knives and fire.



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                      I'm a new new carver and plan to try various things. The only thing I can say with certainty is they will all be on the smaller side since I have no workshop. I'm retired and in no rush. Carving is a hobby for me so no requirements or lofty goals. I attended a carving show a while ago and got some good ideas on carving subjects. Thing I never would have considered. The time spent at the show gave me appreciation for what can be done and subjects to explore.


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                        First, welcome DavePete and you have found an excellent forum. Most folks here are into smaller carvings and I also fall into that category. Carving smaller pieces take less time, costs less, and is enjoyable.

                        When I started out I had no idea what I wanted to carve, relief, chip, character, etc. I fumbled around and wound up doing caricature carvings. Just love them. I suspect many carvers start out in the same boat and it is fun to look back at your thoughts.

                        Anyway, find a niche and wood carving is a great hobby and adapts to small workplaces and can be inexpensive...except for knives and chisels. Wood is all around.

                        Glad to have you aboard.
                        Living among knives and fire.



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                          I often carve things I have never carved before....more so for the experience. I get bored very easy....make the same thing over and over again becomes mechanical and laborious. It is hard enough to do the things I do not like in carving....such as rough out work.....which is not fun. Making the same thing over and over just not of the kind is the best and most challenges. Although I think as I go ....I would like to stop making such hard things....LOL I get too bored with wood carving I will start on another kind of medium of far that has not happen in a long time. .


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                            Don't move on too quick Dileon because I enjoy your posts. I'm a recovering oil painter who found wood carving and plan to stick with it too much. I find it a great mentally relaxing hobby and don't get too serious about it, as far as "expertise" goes, but by far more relaxing than any other hobbies I have had.

                            Stay put.
                            Living among knives and fire.



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                              Originally posted by woodburner807 View Post
                              Don't move on too quick Dileon because I enjoy your posts. I'm a recovering oil painter who found wood carving and plan to stick with it too much. I find it a great mentally relaxing hobby and don't get too serious about it, as far as "expertise" goes, but by far more relaxing than any other hobbies I have had.

                              Stay put.
                              Actually, my best work is in woodcarving, the painting would be a second, and ceramics next......Although all kinds of things catch my I like to try that...thank goodness today I do not have the money to invest into new work....I do have my grandfathers leather tools I would like to pick up someday As for hobby I really like to be outside in the gardens, they are really shining this year with lots of flowers and, the butterflies, the birds singing is extremely peaceful for me. People remark that the gardens look like a botanical garden they have so much to see....although often I have my mats and have to do work while sitting on the ground....not sure how long that one will last, back is really bad these days.