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Hi, I am new here. I am creating a carved rocking chair but i need help.

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  • Hi, I am new here. I am creating a carved rocking chair but i need help.

    I carved chair legs they are 3cm thick,I carved it 5mm deep of each side,now some areas of the leg got 2cm tickness, I think the legs will broke what should i do? The wood is old 15yrs and is wulnut
    I am sure that no one understend my english because it sucks but if someone understand me please give my advice Thanks.

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    I don't see you have much choice but build the chair and hope the legs hold up. 2cm thick walnut will be quite strong. You could add cross bars between the legs to make the whole thing more stable but that would mean either an ugly joint or taking even more material from the legs.


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      Yes I plan for cross bars two of each side to be more stable or I should put one of each side to be less weith thanks man for giving me advice


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        I agree with Steev - the walnut should be strong enough, and I think adding a stick on each side, if you can do so without ruining your carving pattern, will add quite a bit more strength to the chair. Pleas show us photos of your progress.

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          First I need to finish legs then i will show you photos


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            This is my first carve,this is chair legs, I am in proces of making them.I will attached crossbars on number 1,do you have idea how to fix number two. I will appreciate any advice.Thanks


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              It looks like there's plenty of material for the mortises of the crossbars on the square sections. The chair legs you have look like pretty standard sized pieces.
              Unfortunately, I don't think there's much that can be done about where the knot has fallen out except do a new one from a piece of straight grained defect free wood. It really does pay to be picky about the wood you choose in furniture making.