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  • Broken Memory Stick

    My Frien's, now and then good fortune smiles on even those of questionable deserving. What brings me to this area of perusal?

    I broke my memory stick! (See Memory Stick topic)Good fortune? Kinda! I was in the kitchen preparing to fry eggplant. I placed my walking stick safely resting between the counter and a heavy cart. Left it sticking out so that it would be easy to find.

    It was! Not safe! But it was easy to find as I walked around the counter ~ my ankle found the "sticking out" part. If the memory stick had not snapped, I would have taken another tripping fall. Ended up in the ER (twice) last January as the result of falls. Only the knowledge that I can repair the stick kept me from smearing the watercolor paint with tears!

    Good fortune continued ~ the stick snapped at the top of the hand grip. The weakest, and easiest area to repair. I am already working with essentially break repairing as I assemble the barn owl (see barn owl topic). I am using wire as support of the Apoxy in joining the base, foot and legs of the owl. Same thing with the memory stick. I have drilled holes for a rod of all-thread. This will support the Apoxy insuring that the stick will never break at this point again.

    Repair of the broken stick is also forcing me to complete the glyphs I have drawn (snake, honey bee and giant desert centipede. I have been bitten by the centipede (very painful and takes a month or so to recover) ~ stung many times as a bee keeper (got used to these) ~ narrowly missed by many snakes (thankful but never got used to these near misses). This will also force me to rework the paint that has been damaged due to lack of protection. I will now actually finish the stick which will include a protective finish.

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    Nice looking stick, Paul. You certainly developing a skill for repairs, and a good skill to have. Sure looks like a beautiful stick from the pictures....good luck.
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Paul, it is certainly lucky for your stick, that it was you who broke it. Be sure to keep us posted when finished
      . . .JoeB


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        Glad you'll be able to repair the stick, Paul!

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