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Pricing for tupelo?

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  • Pricing for tupelo?

    I'm not sure where to post this. I'm trying to findout more about tupelo value. I will be removing some tupelo this year and was wondering what people felt was a fair price for the stumps?

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    I will start by saying Tupelo is not my wood of choice.

    Couple questions for you.

    A stump being that last few inches of the trunk still in the ground after the tree has been removed not seeing the value. Never heard anyone talk about Tupelo stumps having some particular use.

    If you are actually talking about logs cut to lengths? I’m thinking guys are going to want to know what kind of dimensions you’re talking about. 6” dia. logs have much less utility than 20” er’s.

    I carve aspen and recently bought a little over 100 board feet of green aspen in 14” diameter logs for $70. Not sure of if they a comparable but that’s my only point of reference.
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      Im not a carver unfortunately yet. I use to work with agentelman who was awesome at the craft. He use togo inthe swamps after it was logged a cut the stumps out. He said it was his favorite wood to carve decoys from. He said he didn't want the ree because it was to hard. I'm planning to thin the area I have and was looking to find some people that was interested in the stumps and trees. Eastern ,NC


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        Wild bird carvers often use Tupelo, perhaps for power carving, where it produces fewer "fuzzies" than Basswood. But as for marketing the stumps, I haven't a clue.


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          It's probably going to require some more searching, but Phil is right. Decoy and other bird carvers prefer tupelo as wood of choice for their power carvings because it has less fuzzies than most other woods. The largest show for decoy and bird carvers is the Ward World championship show in Maryland. It's close enough you could drive up for a day and probably sell a pickup load of the wood. Another person you can ask is Rafton Lefort Rafton Lefort - 985-532-5817 - email - [email protected] - Websites - and He's here in Louisiana, but will give you the straight info...

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