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  • Wood for stir spoon

    I want to make some stir spoons .. What is a good wood to use? I have a lot of different hardwoods.
    Thanks and Happy New Year!!!!!
    Chuck in Oregonnnnnnn.
    Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!

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    Fruitwoods-cherry, apple, plum, etc.
    Guessing you have various oaks?
    If you are near the coast, you probably have some of the same natives we have on the northern CALIF. coast, manzanita, tanoak, madrone, big leaf maple,
    Nut woods like walnut.
    I have heard of people using rhododendron, but I know the leaves are kind of toxic so I don't use it for spoons. It's really nice for other small carvings.
    My rule is if we can use it to barbecue food, I can carve a spoon for food out of it.


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      Well I'll be Darned , I think we have a new Girl ing , no wait it's Sharon of the Dell . How are you doing Sharon ? Hope good . I'm still here , SURPRISE !!! Ha,Ha. Happy New . Merle


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        You want a fine grained wood with very small and evenly distributed pores (aka vessels).
        That means the maples, apples or any other fruit wood, birch will be nice. Beech is OK.

        Big open food-sucking pores leaves out the oaks, hickory and ash.
        Brian T


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          WOW, I do have found in my pile of stuff... Sycamore, Maple, Plum just trimmed, and Sharon of the Dell that does make sense, if you can BBQ, Alder too, getting cut this next week or so. Just made one out of the Sycamore from GA . I picked up a few years ago. How about Eucalyptus I have a chunk of that..
          Thanks all. Now after I get my Band saw reset ...
          Chuck in Oregon
          Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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            I don't know first hand but Eucalyptus has a problem with I've heard. Sounds like you have an excellent cache there, Chuck. Myrtle wood and Port Orford cedar are down the coast from you.
            Living among knives and fire.