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  • Video help or other?

    My work is so 3 dimensional that it is impossible to show it, the last five carvings photos do it zero justice. I just saw a video of my work which really showed the work and got a major response about it. I was wondering if anyone does a video of their own finish works and if so what do you use and etc??. Any other suggestions would be highly appreciated.
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    oh no Dileon, you know im gonna ask for a link to that video .... aside from that, i could only guess that a slowmotion turntable would be a good thing to try.

    photos at........


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      A large part of the success of any imaging system is the proper lighting of the object.
      There are whole textbooks on the subject. Everything from transparent glassware to people.
      I made some good money doing this decades ago. All 4x5 cameras on rails.

      I know it's old-fashioned but what can you find in a library or through the library interloan program?

      Next,if you find a good resource, look for it in A consortium of book sellers with maybe
      6,000,000 titles in stock for pennies on the dollar.
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        I have not done a video of my work. But Friends that have use their cell phone or tablets then down loaded them to their computers. I have done family. Many of the newer digital cameras will do videos also. I have been pleased with the results. Not professional but not far off. I would encouraged you to give it a try.
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          How about taking a photo at the front, turn it a bit, take a photo, turn it a bit, take a photo, etc. until you have 8 to 10 photos. Then make a slide show of the first to last photo but set the speed fast enough to make it almost a video.

          Bob L