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  • Custom Labeling work

    I have been carving for a few years now, slowly accumulating my children's inheritance.....hopefully. As my pieces continue to grown in number, I have the desire to label them. In my mind, I want something metal to place on the bottom that numbers them in order of completion. Anyone have any ideas where to locate such items? Thank you

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    Sorry I do not know about the metal on the bottom. But what about signing your name and date them? It is easy to do and a lot cheaper and tons easier to apply? Just a thought...


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      Take a look at horticultural supply houses. They often sell blank metal label tags.
      Various sizes and shapes. You write on them with a TC vibropencil.

      As a grad student long ago, I used them to mark experiments done on apple tree branches.

      I grow grapes now. I can't remember what I planted after 15+ years.
      Just because the leaves and stems look different does not mean I can recall what they are.
      So I made aluminum weatherproof tags to hang on the trellis.
      Easy to find in the winter and spring, harder in the summer jungle.

      For my wood carvings, I used a Dremel and cutoff disks to carve steel branding irons in nail heads.
      A 10" spike has a 3/4" diameter head. Handles and then heated with a bottle torch.
      You can burn through any finish, too.

      I think that Lee Valley has a set of number punches that you could use to sequence your works.
      I have far more trouble trying to recall who got which carving and where it might be now.
      Brian T


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        I use a Razor Tip burner with a medium writing tip to sign ( my initials) on every piece I do.
        If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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          For pieces that will sit on a flat surface, I just sign, date, and number with a permanent marker. It seems to work for me and as mentioned...inexpensive.
          Living among knives and fire.