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    as some of you know i have been struggling with the carving thing for awhile and actually one of the ways i got started in carving was i was a avid scroll sawer back 30 yrs ago and thought it might be fun to take some of these figures and round them off put in eyes you know carve them, this xmas my wife mentioned that my scroll saw things from years ago was a real treasure and i should saw again, [she had saved them and put them out for xmas decorations. anyway i made a couple things to keep wifey happy [you get that] and i had a whole list of things she wanted me to cut and the saw which really had been worked to death gave its final gasp, it needed both switches a capacitor and then at last the motor gave i ordered switches but dfound out you can't get parts for that old saw anyway I went out and got a new saw a pegas which is pretty much top of the line and have been sawing like crazy ever since. You get the point im sure I have put the carving things away at least in the temporary and sawing. Long and short of it I will be conspicuous in my absence for awhile and while i do plan on coming back it might be a stretch so anyway i count a lot of you my friends and love your art and yoyhave taught me so much mainly because Im a pest and ask a lot of questions/ so if you need anything along the way don't be afraid to shoot me a email whatever and we will meet again thanks for all the memories and help and it is good to be a part of something with other good folks even though i almost got kicked off the forum once for what im not sure

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    Hurry back, and with photos ! looking forward to your continuing posts

    photos at........


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      We all do what makes us happy and scroll sawing should be a happy and fun thing to do. You can easily use the scroll saw to make works of art that you can modify with carving and also pyrography.

      Please post some of what you do, Rick.
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        Hey rickm... you have to do what you have to do what you want to do, I scroll, carve and just plain wood work. I do wood because it is it there, I was raised by my father doing carpentry work. Then he showed me how to do different facades on the fronts on homes in the late middle-late 50's. His workmanship with "skill saw" was so ?? That he could carve a 1/2 circle and back to make designs that are not used today. Also cut out toilet seats with the saw and never have and silver.;=) . I am going to doing puzzles , and I use the scroll saw as many do, I would love to see your creations from that saw. As I only have a very old unit and wish for a pagas ..
        Good luck in your venture and be a real cut up.
        Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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          Great, Rick! Happy that you found your way back to a past time that gives you pleasure. Carving, scrolling, whatever it is, if you enjoy it then it's the right thing at the right time.

          Sometimes we need to step away from familiar things to regain our perspective, and re-learn the novelty that drew us to them in the first you did with scrolling. And just because you've returned to the saw (with a first class one, to boot!) it doesn't mean you can't use your carving skills along with it.

          I'd sure like to see some of your scroll work here!


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            Stop in and say hi now and then. Some of your carving skills may let you add detail to your saw work. Thanks for sharing and your feedback. Make each day a day the lets you smile!
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              Good luck with the scroll sawing, Rick! Stop in and say "Hi" occasionally and let us know how you are doing and what you're working on. You can always post scroll saw work in the "Off Topic" forum...

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                Nice to hear that you are still busy and got yourself a new saw. Enjoy it.

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                  Congratulations, Rick. That saw is one of the reasons I left Woodcarving Illustrated. If you have any questions about the saw, please let me know.