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I allways wanted a fancy flintlock

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  • I allways wanted a fancy flintlock

    Greetings all,
    Seeing as how you liked my attempt at pyrography I decided to post some shots of a flintlock rifle I built. I had wanted a super fancy flintlock for a long time but couldn't jusyify the $5,000 to go get one.

    In order to make it I had to teach myself carving, engraving, silver wire inlay, and general gunsmithing and silverwork so that was a lot of fun. The early American flintlocks were a mixture of American styles which often had a German influence as there were a lot of gunsmiths from that country working in USA at that time.

    This was the second flintlock I built using a Track of the wolf kit. The first kit was good this was not good. It took me three days to put all the errors in the rough shaping of the stock in order before I could even start on the artwork. Total job took 480 hours and I loved every minute of it.

    Just thought that it might give some of you guys an idea or two to have a go at artwork on your favourite shooter.


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    Amazing, Glen, and superb work. Just gorgeous. My Dad made a pistol from Connecticut Valley Fire Arms (I think) and it was excellent. Sure wish I still had it and you offer excellent ideas for doing fire arms. Thanks for posting it!
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Great Work Glen really amazing!!!


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        Beautiful rifle Glen!... almost too nice to "drag" around in the woods . A few years ago I built a couple of rifles from Track, and a couple from Dixie Gun Works but nowhere near as fancy as the one you have built. I enjoyed building the gun and accoutrements almost as much as using them.
        thanks for posting the photos.
        Wayne aka Soggy
        If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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          Hi Glenn , you certainly your hit your Goal of a Fancy Flintlock Rifle . I'm sure their are a lot of Guys that would give you $ 5000.00 for it . Beautiful job. Merle


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            Simply stunning. I've wanted a flinter for years now, maybe one day I'll bite the bullet and get started on one.


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              Beautiful work, Glenn!

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                Whoa, Let me look at that again∙∙∙∙what an amazing piece of work, I agree, the only place for this fine piece of work is hanging on the wall in a place of honor.
                . . .JoeB