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Built an archtop guitar from scratch

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  • Built an archtop guitar from scratch

    Hi Guys
    I saw a bit of interest in instruments so have posted my archtop luthier effort .

    It took weeks to put this together. It took 40 hours to hand carve the back which is an even 3/16 thick from a solid 1 inch thick plank of figure walnut which was like carving concrete with a cold chisel. and the top took about 20 hours to carve the spruce top which is 4mm thick in the middle tapering to about 3mm by the F holes and 2mm in the curved edge and back up to 3mm on the outside edge.

    The tailpiece took me three days to make as I wanted to carve hummingbirds to put on it.

    It took me 2 days to inlay the birds on the neck that I made from curly maple.

    No CNC machines involved. All done by hand.

    The joy of of it is SHE SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD !!!!!!

    It is finished with Tru-oil.
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    Oh, OK. Now I see it. My other comments were on the one you refurbished and refinished. The new one is stunning. We need a sound sample of it, too!

    ps: I am never sure about photos posted by others on this forum. Something in my computer prevents me from seeing them in some (but not all) posts unless I go to the person's profile and open their Media tab. Probably some security "feature". Anyway, I see the new guitar now (in your Media tab) and wow! Maybe I need for you to make me a mandolin.
    HonketyHank toot toot


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      Hi Glenn , now that's some Fine Carving and Beautiful Wood . Merle


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        Stunning work. I've been something of a backwoods luthier for many years, and cannot even imagine carving a back and top by hand. This is beyond impressive!


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          Glenn, that is absolutely a beautiful guitar, very well done.
          Mark N. Akers
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            Bet you would sell it for $25-$50 Do you play in a band now, or is this just for setting around the house having fun. If so it is a shame, the instrument need to be gotten out so it could be fully appreciated. Sir, you did a fine, fine job!
            . . .JoeB


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              Elegant looking guitar and beautiful grain. Great looking piece.
              Living among knives and fire.



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                Hi Guys,
                Thanks for the kind words. This was my first attempt at building one so it was a massive learning curve. Have started building a Martin D28 copy but that is on hold because you guys have inspired me to have a go at some real carving. So just having a breather from the last project then into it.

                Hi Joe.
                No I don't play in a band as such but with the lockdown I sat out on the deck and played for a couple of hours once I heard the people around us liked it. I play a 1 or 2 hours every day. It is a great way to just chill out if you know what I mean. . A good beer quite often accompanies the playing hehehe. I put together my own blues songs, when I get 10 of them I have a little Boss 1600 recording unit that will burn it to a CD. But hey that's yet another project!!!

                I don't know how I managed to find time to go to work with all the projects to get into. Thank god for retirement. hehehehe I'm just loving it!!!!


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                  Beautiful Guitar. I've done some repair work on a couple of violins and can appreciate how much work is involved.