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  • Issue with the forum site

    Greetings all
    have been having some issues with the site. I type in a post and a couple of photos post it . It then shows up on the site. I close the site and re-open it later on in the day and the post is gone.
    Is anybody having similar issues????

    Forget the above Not a site issue is an old guy brain fade issue. Forgot to open the NEXT PAGE. DUH!!

    Last edited by Glenn Jennings; 06-01-2020, 02:52 PM.

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    No, Glenn - You might check whether or not you're signed in. There is a box to check when you log on to "keep me signed in." There are restrictions on what "lurkers" can do. (but, it shouldn't make your posts disappear.)


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      pallin,, log out and re log in? heck I can't remember my pass word any time anyway.. ~(8=) am glad someone can remember who I am.. Sometimes Jane asks' "who is coming to dinner tonight? " I say "Me , She says' who are you">??" Ha. Oh what a day and I am in a good mood ~~~~~

      And Glenn, I have never done that... I think.?
      Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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        Google Chrome has a little thing in the upper right corner which can come up = "Manage Passwords."
        That thing has remembered every last password that I have ever used. And, it can show them all. I have a hand-written list of PW and sites on the wall beside me = the ultimate fix.
        Brian T


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          I to have a little red book full of phone numbers addresess and passwords. Worth it's weight in gold!! hehehehehe