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    Originally posted by Glenn Jennings View Post
    Nice job on the spoon. Know what you mean about hands not working too good . I had repetitive strain injury for a lot of years and couldn't play guitar at all. I was lucky and a change of job saw things come right. Hope you can find a fix. Best wishes.

    I've given up on guitar, mandolin and piano but still can play my lap steel somewhat. While I can grip stuff fairly well the finger speed and accuracy is shot.


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      Carve green hard wood spoons and you will wonder about seasoning wood.


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        That's a really fine spoon. Out of mahogany, no less.

        A spoon was the second thing I attempted to carve. I had a piece of pear wood from a tree here at the house, and all I had was a knife. Not a very sharp one, as it turns out. I still have the carving, but I'm embarrassed to show it. It was terrible, even for a beginner. But, live and learn.

        I go on a spoon kick from time to time. They're fun! Green wood is certainly easier, and I haven't had any trouble with the wood moving as it cures.


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          Very nice job on your first spoon,looks great.
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            I have a neuropathy that makes it difficult for me to grip the tools for long or to do a lot of detail carving.
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              Sad you had to give up playing guitar and piano but keep rocking on the lap steel. If there is one thing life has taught me its you dont give up on anything you just suck it up and find a way to keep right on going. Just like you with your steel guitar.

              If you have issues holding tools you might consider trying changing the shape to accomodate your hand a bit better. Just a thought. I know my hands tighten up a bit after a few days on the tools so it gets harder to play guitar so I back off for a couple of days and things come right again.

              I guess we all don't enjoy the downside of getting old. But we are the lucky ones as a lot of guys don't get to make it.