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Dads cable car project

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  • Dads cable car project

    Hi Guys ,
    This is something my Dad made a few years ago. Not carving as such but contains elements of it.

    The cable car works from a wooden gear and chain sytem and by turning the handle one car goes up as the other comes down. He even went to the trouble of glueing the gears together in sections so the grain goes from centre to outside edge. This is so the tips don't break off the gears.

    The chain is made entirely of wood. The entire thing is made by hand. There are 200 wood tiles on the roof that you cant see in the pictures I have. He won a woodworking show with it over here so thought it might be of interest.
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    That's really neat! Lots of time and effort expended on that project. Thanks for sharing this, Glenn.


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      Glenn your Dad is a real craftsman! out standing work.
      We live in the land of the free because of the brave!


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        Very intricate work and reminds me of the patience needed for those wooden clocks. He certainly made a proud piece.
        Living among knives and fire.


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          We still have steep transport systems like this in operation. The Angel's Flight in Los Angeles is an example. When I was a kid, we had the remains of a much longer one on Echo Mountain above Pasadena. Both of these are cable systems rather than chains but the cars ran on tracks. Many like the Palm Springs Tramway have gone aerial so that tracks are not required up a steep slope.


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            We have two that serve Mt. Washington overlooking downtown Pittsburgh. Technically, they are called funicular inclines as the cars counterbalance each other. There were tons of these in Pittsburgh in the late 19th and early 20th century, mostly to take factory workers living on the hills surrounding the factories served by barges and railroads running along the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers. The model is outstanding.

            Thanks for sharing,



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              +Hi Glenn , no surprise that your Dad won an Award for this piece of Art . Should Qualify to be in a Museum . Like Father , like Son . Merle


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                Oh hell Merle I dont think I'm old enought to be stuck in a museum just yet.Just feel that way at times. hehehehe Close maybe hehe. Will pass on your nice comments to dad. He will be rapt that people like it.

                He once took photos of a small power stayion from all different angles and then built the thing out of wood. Even the power lines were made of wood.. He cut the wood into 1/8th inch squares then sanded the corners off them all and steam bent them to shape. Now how dedicated /crazy is that hehehehe. Will try to find some photos of it. It now resides in the main entrance to one of our power companies office in New Plymouth.


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                  He did a beautiful job on this, Glenn. Outstanding craftsmanship!

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