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Dads power station

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  • Dads power station

    Hi Guys,
    Dad spotted this and took photos from all different angles. He then built it to scale as best he could from the photos entirely from wood. And yes he did win a show section with this piece.

    All of the "wires were made from wood cut 1/8 inch square and sanded round and stem bent to shape.

    There is even a little electronics package hidden in the "shed" that emits the hum you get from these installations. believe it or not as the Ripleys TV progam says. hehehe. Probably showing my age with that one hehe.

    This piece now resides in the entrance to one of our electricity company offices in New Plymouth NZ.

    I can envisuage a few minds going you have to be kidding. So to pre-emt the thoughts. Yes Dad is a certifiable masochist of truly epic proportions hehehehehe. Think it runs in the family hehehehe.



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    Wow Glenn that is so impressive,how intricate do you know how much time he had in making it?
    Mark N. Akers
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      Amazing details and diligence by him, Glenn. Fantastic work. Was he involved in the power/electrical industry? Curious what inspired him to do it.
      Living among knives and fire.


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        Hi Glenn , Your Dad deserves a Great Big WOW!!! on this piece of ART. Simply AMAZING . Merle


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          I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree! What patience this craftsman had.
          . . .JoeB


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            Hi Mark: I don't know how long it took in total but he worked on it for weeks.

            Hi Bill : No dad didn't work in the industry. He is allways on the look out for the unusual to have a crack at or an unusual way of doing something. For instance a 1m wide round table top. Most people would glue the planks together, plane it flat and just cut the shape with a jig saw. Not dad,no,he used a suction fitting on his swivel head lathe and turned it to shape complete with fancy shaped edge would you believe!!! It was dead flat and when finished it looked like it had a glass top. 100% flawless.

            Hi Joe : I'm not sure if it patience dad and us 3 boys have got or an inherited crazy streak. All 3 of dads sons are the same in the determination to see a project done. My brother Darryl is bent on mechanical stuff. Re-builds vintage bikes. Spent hundreds of hours and 50k restoring a roayal enfield inerceptor to better than new spec. For one job on the first ever motor driven ducati moped type bike the engine reconditioner couldn't hone the bore as the tooling wasn't available to do that particular type of blind end bore so my brother made the tooling for the guy to fit to his machines. Like I said it has to be the crazy streak I think.

            I will pass on your nice comments to dad.


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              Thanks for posting these. It's really nice to see such elaborate projects.