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Life size Saint Marcellin

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  • Life size Saint Marcellin

    Hi there. I haven’t posted in awhile even though I’ve still been carving regularly. But I’m now back in the posting saddle again!
    This life size is my latest work completed and installed about two weeks ago. It’s of Saint Marcellin Champagnat for Assumption college in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia.
    you’ll notice in the rear view photo he’s gesturing to his left to a sculpture on the third floor of Mother Mary.

    Marcellins carved from Cedar ( From a local park) and is all carved from the single piece of wood. I carve using chainsaws, grinders and Dremels. This piece took 6 weeks to complete.
    I’ll post some progress photos also of this.

    thanks for looking.

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    Hey here’s the progress photos of Marcellin. My IT skills and the IT gods would not allow me to put them in sequence. so it’s a bit of a picture puzzle
    youll notice on the pic of the raw log before I started there is a knot 3/4 of the way up. That’s where the log being flipped over gave me the widest point for his left hand to go. Allowing the maximum length of the raised left arm.

    thanks for looking



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      That is impresive work as always. I love the grain in that wood. What do you use as a finish on the pieces that are outdoors all the time?

      Here is the FB video of the project you ask me to try and put up.
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        Hi Richard , you are definitely not a beginner . Very well done . Merle


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          So good to have you posting again, what a project to be proud of
          . . .JoeB


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            Fabulous work, Richard. Sure glad you posted it.

            Living among knives and fire.



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              Great statue, Makes me want to get a hold of a big a$$ piece of wood and have a go at a live size or larger. Thanks for sharing.
              Living in a pile of chips.


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                Beautiful work. And a great finish as well and all done in just 6 weeks!!. amazing!!


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                  Well done!


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                    Thank you to everyone for your kind comments.

                    Randy. A big thank you for posting that video for me.
                    And on the finish for exterior wood protection.
                    I just don’t think you can beat a good marine varnish. I use Bondall Monocel marine varnish. It has UV protectant and is almost like a coat of plastic protecting the wood. Marcellin has three coats on him.

                    As I explain to clients, For interior carvings finishes the world is your oyster.
                    But for exterior carvings theres fewer good options.
                    Marine varnish though is the finish that they apply to wood boats that actually sit in salt water continuously for years! It’s pretty good stuff.

                    As anything there’s pros and cons. The biggest con side of It Is it just comes in shiny! The softest finish available is Satin so your going to have shiny wood. That’s the trade off for great protection.
                    I’ve tried Polyurethanes, Deck oils, paint even. But the Varnish has the most pros and the fewest cons.

                    Nebraska Ed. Hey Absolutely! You never know where you may end up going on your carving journey.
                    Go for it!

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                      Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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                        Great to see you posting again, Richard. Fabulous carving!

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