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    My son, David, and daughter-in-law, Sunnie, live with us in Whooping Hollow. In early December, they noticed I was having trouble with my hip and came back on the weekend to help us decorate for the Holidays. Sunnie, not only dug into our stored decorations, which included some carvings, but, also into my "to finish someday" crate of started carvings. I have not carved a caricature in at least 15 years. Sunnie was holding a Santa that I started once upon a time, "This is a different Santa. Why have you never finished it?" Found Santa 1.JPG "Yes!", Diana asked imperatively? My frien's, several year's ago I gave a similar carving to a frien' in need of a "pick me up" at Xmas tlime. I was unaware of Diana's attachment to this, her second favorite Xmas carving. The gnome taking first place. C. Gnome.jpg I am ready to finish him and am trying to figure out what some of the pencil marks I put on there were for. Guess I will just erase them and finish him however. He will have a walking staff in his hand and the bottom of his robe will be dusty from walking in the desert.

    Sunnie has an artistic eye and put several of my carved Santas on display together. Santa group.JPG


    Along the lines of Holidays. my youngest son, Philip, has my first carved Santa. I offered to trade it for one of my later ones ~ did this each year for several Christmas'. He refused and finally asked his Mother, "Why does Dad want him back?"

    Diana elected honesty and said, "He wants to burn it."

    The little *%#+ then tried to make a deal with me. He wants to trade for an ornament (very first grade effort) that he made and would like to destroy. Diana treasures that piece and it goes on our tree every year. I'm not suicidal ~ so he gets to keep the *%#@ carving
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    What a wonderful story!


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      Yes, finish that Santa, he looks good so far


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        Hi Paul , Enjoyed my Laugh from your Story that you tell so well . Thank You . Happy New Year . Merle


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          Okay, we got the story of Santa past (great story, by the way!), and we see Santa present, now you have all of us waiting to see Santa future! You're on the line now! Truly, enjoyable story, thank you for sharing family secrets with us!


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            Great story, Paul, and summarizes things well.
            Living among knives and fire.



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              Funny story!! The unfinished Santa looks great and looks almost done. a picture when you knock him out.


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                I agree - he looks close to complete right now!

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                  I like your different Santa. !!!!