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    I enjoy flat plane miniature figures leaning toward Gene Messer style and have been thinking about a carving project and was wondering if you could give some advice.
    I would like to carve a boy sitting as if on a dock and fishing. Maybe a downhome barefoot country boy with a cane pole. I was thinking about using 1"X1" and maybe gluing two blocks together only part way so there would be a body block sitting upright and another block for the legs dangling. Just a thought, what do you think? Would it be feasible.
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    Sounds like it might work Muddy, Give it a try, then show us a picture of the results. Lynn Doughty glues up legs, and arms, and hats, so about anything might be a go.
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      It sounds like what some carvers call a "shelf sitter," a figure with legs dangling.


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        Not only would it be feasible... it will be delightful and will bring a smile to everyone's face who sees it.

        Go for it! And be sure to post photos!
        Photos of your first one, and the second, and the next, etc...
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          Here's a recent thread that may be related to your project:

          Looking For Shelf Elf Pattern - Woodcarving Illustrated


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            Sounds like an interesting project.

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              Looks like a fun project and I'd do a rough one, or two, in order to focus in what you want. Yep, post pics.
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