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    The bedroom fan-light is over the bed so I think I'll look into adding some pull chain extensions.
    Need to go to the hardware store today, anyway.

    I got an idea this morning to carve some oversize dice.

    One means on/off
    Two means fan direction
    Three is for the three fan speeds.

    Then I thought I might do the same thing but carve big fat acorns.

    I must have some left over spoon/fork birch wood for this.
    Brian T


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      Your subject title made me think of an experience I had showing some of my relief carvings to a blind man. We were staying in a B&B in Washington state as part of a weeklong program kayaking on the lower Columbia River. I had some relief carvings with me and displayed them on the fireplace mantle for the other participants. The blind co-host asked to "see" them and carefully ran his fingers over the details as I described what he was "seeing." It was interesting to see his appreciation for this tactile art.


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        Much the position that I'll be in during the winter this far north.
        Thanks for the reminder that at least I can turn the light on and see what's next.

        It's pitch dark outside my place at 3:30PM around the winter solstice.
        I notice day length increasing by mid January but it seems to be a long time
        before it's light out at supper time. Confuses Heidi-cat every winter.
        Summer solstice, June 21, I can read the newspaper outdoors at 10:30PM.

        What ever I wind up carving for the cord pulls, I've got to be able to know by touch alone
        in total darkness what the switches do.

        I do have touch lights for power failures. I keep them in the bathroom, nothing to stumble over.
        All I have to do is find them, metal bodies and instant ON. Just last night was another fine example.
        Brian T