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    I can not display case my chisels...leave them in the open air and they start to rust within one day ..humidity and salt air make a bad combination all chisels are stored in airtight five-gallon buckets and must be taken out for usage every day. I made something comparable to this only bigger and a lot more holes of various sizes and shapes to hold chisels... I have three buckets. il_1588xN.2024913285_5dqb.jpg
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      "This is the set up I use. I arrange starting on bottom left #3 to #7, top #8 to 11. # 1 and V grooves in case on the right. Other carving tools and supplies in drawers.

      OH my
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        I like the suggestions/methods used by Randy and Larry and had something like the racks in the photo from Larry. If I have more than a handful laying on my bench, I seem to spend more time finding the one for which I am looking and it actually interrupts my concentration/creativity and leads to frustration, which detracts from the pleasure of carving for me.

        As for sharpening, I have a leather belt on a 2 x 48 inch variable speed belt grinder. I use it freehand to strop my edge as soon as I notice any sign of dulling and my edge is razor sharp in no more than 5 or 10 seconds. In fact, I never grind other than if I am setting up a blade for the first time.


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          Originally posted by woodburner807 View Post
          I'm in the "disorganized" camp and just leave them scattered on the bench. Just in the DNA, I guess.
          Hey watch that language Dude, My stuff is just that , all over the place like a bomb went off. And I have to wear the dark glasses to keep from hurting mself.
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            Didn't think of really referring to you, Chuck. Maybe in my genes would be better? Regardless, glad to see you're a member of the "disorganized" group.
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