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This is a piece I'm working ok

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  • This is a piece I'm working ok

    I know im not a pro I'm just starting out
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    When I am done I would like to sell it but I dont know what to charge


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      It’s a good start.

      As for selling your work I my case it is subjective. Recently sold a fish carving, I had four available. They ranged in price from $150 to $350. They all took about the same amount of time to carve and from a technical perspective were of similar quality. The customer wanted to know why the difference in price? “I just liked that one more”. They apparently agreed and bought the more expensive fish.

      I find the trick to selling my work is getting it on public display.
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        Nice seens. looks like you are in a coastal area. Tourist are a good source for relief seens. I would check out loacal shops and see what sea art of loacal artest is going for in your area. A friend who sells watercolor sea painting told me If I was proud of my work buyers will be.
        The whale sold for $75, the red fish $160 and the Bass for $200.
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          Looks like a good start to me. Once you begin the journey you never know where it's going to take you!


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            Off to a great start! Since I've never sold anything, got no advice to give---as much as you can
            . . .JoeB


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              Welcome, and no idea about pricing relief carvings. I do custom walking sticks and the price is hundreds to thousands, just depends on the project. Good Luck.
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                It is not clear if this is one or several carvings. What are the total dimensions? The price will be whatever you and a buyer agree on.



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                  Hi Donny
                  As the guys say you are off to a good start. I like the composition of the pieces.

                  What tools are you using??

                  If I have one piece of advice that i would give it is get all tools as sharp as you can possibly get them. They need to be as sharp as a razor. This will give you good clean cuts even when cutting across the grain.

                  Feel free to ask any questions you may have the guys are most helpful in solving any problems you may have. This forum is all about helping each other to improve our skills in a craft we just love to be part off.

                  For different styles and methods of carving you will find a lot of good tutorials in the tutorial section.

                  Happy carving!!Enjoy!! Look forward to seeing your work.