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WCI response to club list!

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  • Glenn Jennings
    A line from song by Fred Dagg (John Clark) sums that up nicely. Quote "You don't know how lucky you are mate. You don't know how lucky you are."

    Fred Dagg was a comedian that used the farmers as his stock in trade. This little piece could just as well relate to you guys hehehe. The legend has it that Maui pulled NZ up on a fishing line.

    Wish we could get something like this going in NZ.

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  • Randy
    started a topic WCI response to club list!

    WCI response to club list!

    I want to thank Kelly for her positive response to our request. And to encourage any club members to talk to their clubs about adding thier name to the list or updating thier information Kelly's contact is below.!

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kelly and I am the editorial assistant for Woodcarving Illustrated. I first would like to apologize for the magazine's delayed response to your concerns. I will look into organizing the clubs listed on our website by state to make it easier for viewers. Also, please feel free to email any new or updated club information to [email protected] so that we can include all current carving club information.

    Have a nice day and happy carving!