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  • Chris Pye Woodcarving,materials and equipment

    As a newbie and voracious reader I found an ancient about pye's book. Amazon wanted $35 used slighlty less. Good old Abe's book store $9 with free shipping. Book rate is very slow so it will be a surprise when I get it. For those who read alot always check the used book prices at Amazon, you'd be pleasantly surprised.

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    Hope you enjoy the book. Keep in mind there could be a few new developments in the last roughly 30 years.

    PS, Better World Books my choice for used books.
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      Chris Pye books offer a lot of good information. As Ed shared there are newer publications that would add to what you will read in your book. Chris also offers many on line how to videos on his site. There is a charge. But I found it to be a worthwhile investment in my learning to carve. There are a number of hours videos dedicated to beginners.
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        I buy used books via Amazon and over the years have been impressed by the condition and costs. Chris has many books and videos for his style of carving, and I have a few. Enjoy and learn.
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