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Lime wood quick question pls

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  • Lime wood quick question pls

    Hello Everyone,
    Quick question please:
    I know of a large Lime tree proposed to be felled very soon and wondered whether anyone would be interested in buying a share of the Lime wood with me?
    If I can’t find enough people then I’m going to pass on this occasion myself as there’s way too much for one person to work with.
    Would be grateful to hear from anybody interested as soon as possible please. (I’m in the Colchester area). Many thanks.

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    The shipping to Nebraska would be a killer. I am curious though what is the cost for the logs?


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      Your use of the name "Lime" was a clue that you are somewhere in the U.K. Otherwise we have no way of knowing where you are. Why don't you add some information to your profile?


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        Well, that and he said he's in the Colchester area in his post.


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          Some changes in wood anatomy in the branches of a living tree make carving a tough challenge.
          What you need are pieces of the main stem, the main tree trunk, nothing else. Branches are meant for wood burners.

          How big is the tree? what's the approx diameter? I'd ask for bolts of no more that 24" length and maybe 12" x 12" on end. Half a dozen will be for a lifetime (and maybe sell some later on?)
          Brian T