I develop software for a living, and wondered about making an application for wood carvers.

This could include

1- an searchable inventory of your carvings, with multiple photos
2- list of people/customers who have the carvings, price sold for etc
3- place to store carving plans and reference photographs
4- place for ideas and future works, notes etc
5- Inventory of your books and article (scan to put into 3)
6- tool inventory
7- wood inventory

Does anyone think this is a good idea, and would you be interested in this type of application?

Are there any functions/headings I have missed off the list above?

Which features would you find the most and least useful?

I would probably distribute a basic version free of charge, and have a 'pro' version for a small fee.

Anyone interested?

I hope I haven't broken any rules with this posting.