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What makes a Woodcarver a Woodcarver?

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    Originally posted by Merle Rice View Post
    Re: What makes a Woodcarver a Woodcarver?

    I have built model Airplanes since I was in the 5th grade and later in life I built Radio controled Airplanes and Helicopters and that might be were I get my way of thinking. For me to carve anything I must have a Picture to work from as in Modeling. Hey I just got a thought, I make Models not carvings. Ha,Ha. Maybe someday I'll be a WOODCARVER. hA,hA.. This was an interesting Thread and I enjoyed all of the opinions from you guys. Thank you. It made me do some thinking and that is a good thing. Merle
    What is this - a WoodModeler ? just doesn't fit and spelling is broken. I've carved animals, boats, planes, flew planes both models and a C-47. Long since age 4 when I was a wood-worker. Building chicken coops, lizard cages and such. I whittled on twigs and 'orange crates'. I have moved on in older age into wood carving and therefore am a woodcarver. One who does wood carving. Martin


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      19049-04.jpgThe wood worker can make wood crafts, woodcrafts men can make decorative carvings..wood carvers can make art. Such a major subject....with board horizons. This is a functional work, which could be label as a household carpenter is for your bugs, this is a cricket cage or is it art, or is it woodcarving? Words and labels that often are used to keep you in a box for one's own political means.


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        It's fun to see this discussion come around again. Many good thoughts!
        Now I would add - a woodcarver is a person with a table or bookshelf or wall covered with wooden objects with tool marks; stuff that should be thrown out but can't be, because it embodies hours of careful work and memories and pleasure.


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          Years ago a member of this forum stated, a would be carver would be a carver if they would carve wood. Sums up my take.
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