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  • Ideas for Newlyweds?

    Hi Everybody,

    Any ideas for carving something for a wedding? My niece is getting married in Sept. and it just popped into my head to carve her something. The only idea that comes to mind are love spoons, but they seems so hard to do.

    If I go with the spoon idea, any suggestion on a good book? I'm a very visual person so the more pictures the better!

    Any other ideas?

    Janie is the first of 16 grandchildren from my parents. She'll be 27 when she marries and the youngest will be one so there's a long line of grandbabies in our house.

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    Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

    Something i have learned from carving spoons is, one if you have any tool to help carve to bowl of of the spoon use it, even sand paper on a stick makes a huge difference. The second thing that i would suggest is the bowl can be simple the handle is where you want to go all out. Remember to not carve somthing to thick in the handle because it will make it look odd for being a spoon, and if it is ever used for a spoon it will be cumbersome. At the same time, even maing a simple set of spoons would be a nice present. A good rule of the thumb would be, if you spend alot of time in it, it will be great, even if you dont think so.


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      Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

      Thanks. If I do make the spoons, they'll be decorative only. I see what you mean about the handles being too thick.


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        Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

        Hello, Jillsy, Spoons with some nice pierced designs in the handle and made to hang
        on the wall make great gifts. Something handmade means 'from the heart' and is often
        more appreciated by the receiver. There is a good book on spoons be David Western
        called The Fine Art Of Carving Lovespoons. Also Lora S. Irish has one named Great
        Book Of Celtic Patterns. Both published by WCI. I bought both of them because of all
        the great designs in them. I am doing a spoon right now using a celtic knot design from
        the Celtic Pattern Book. If you want to check them out, try your local library. If
        you like them you can order one through WCI.

        Also a little farther down on this page under the heading, 'Mahogany Love Spoon' is
        one that I did a short time ago. You are welcome to use the design if you like. It is
        one that I worked out a few years ago and is fairly simple to do and looks very nice
        when hanging on the wall.

        Lots of luck with whatever you choose.



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          Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

          Hi Jillsy, how about carving something on a wooden goblet? Carve " I'm Sorry" on it with a pretty design all around it. Its for the bride and groom to get over the 'fights' when its hard to say I'm sorry in words. Given with a bottle of wine or a choice of beverage as a gift? I've seen this idea etched on glass goblets..thats why I mention it. There might even be a poem online to go with it so they understand the use of this goblet.

          Edit to add what I've found online about the 'glass' ( you could change this to a wooden goblet)

          You are probably wondering why you would receive just one glass as a gift, but this is a very special type of glass. It is called the FORGIVENESS GLASS May this be the least used gift you get.

          It has just one use. As in any marriage, small arguments, disagreements, and even large scale fighting occurs. With these also comes tears, harsh words, walls of silence, etc., and happiness is gone. When you two are angry with each other, one of you should get this glass, fill it with any liquid, from water to champagne, bring it to the other, and the two of you share forgiveness. It does not matter who was right or wrong, do not count those times. Instead, count the blessings you two are sharing as husband and wife.



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            Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

            Consider carving "kissing dragons" (or anything else she might like) with their necks forming a heart. This would be for the top of the cake. Just a thought...



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              Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

              Hi Jillsy,

              When my stepdaughter got married 3 years ago, I carved her an "I Do" about 3"h x 3"l x1"w, which she put in front of her wedding cake on her big day. She keeps it still in a shadow box, along with other mementos from her wedding.



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                Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

                Thanks for all the beautiful and definitely unique ideas. I haven't carved for so long, the thought of doing something for their wedding is now intimidating me. Then again, it's not like THEY can carve! haha!


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                  I am carving a name sign for a couple we know who are getting married. It says established across the top and has the date on the bottom.


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                    Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

                    Shirley Adler's book shows two love spoons connected with a carved wooden chain. The idea is that the bride and groom hold the spoons and take a bite of food at the reception. It's all made from one piece of wood. Mike


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                      Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

                      If you carve chain links try a pair of hearts. I did that once and used the heart wood of cedar and the red made a very cool color and they turned out great.


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                        Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

                        You could carve a pair of these: one with her initials, and one with his. I carved this (plus the one with my initials) for my wife about 40 years ago. She still keeps them hanging on the wall in our home.


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                          Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

                          Hi Jillsy
                          Here are a couple of love birds I've carved for weddings. They are soo simple to do and I've sold a number of them!
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                          Bob K.

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                            Re: Ideas for Newlyweds?

                            Cute ideas! You guys are the best!