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    I'm in eastern NC with temps from the teens to just over 100, but only a handful of days where it gets below freezing for most of the day. My 24x28 shop, which doubles as my garage, has an insulated roof, uninsulated walls, and a drafty door. It tends to stay about 10 degrees cooler than the outside on the hottest days, and I can usually knock another 10 degrees off with a small window AC. I do not think it has ever gotten below freezing inside the garage. I believe this is due to the short duration of the below freezing temps and because of the thermal mass of the slab, two vehicles, and all of my tools and cabinetry. I run a little 1200 watt space heater if I'm working in there on colder days. My only concern is my finishes getting below freezing, so I store them in a climate controlled area just to be safe, but I honestly don't think it would have made a difference. Freezing temps might be more of an issue for you if it gets to -5F. I do keep a dehumidifier running year-round set to 35% mostly to keep the cast iron tops on my table saw and bandsaw rust free. It rarely runs when the temperature is below 60, and probably runs 50% of the time on warmer days. That said, I do not know if it is doing any good because I moved my jointer to an unconditioned shed about a year ago and it still does not have any rust, so I may just be wasting electricity. I do have several hundred board feet of lumber in the garage/shop as well, some of it has been there for almost 10 years, and it's just as flat (or not flat) as the day I got it.
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      On hot days, the difference was 10 degrees because you wanted to, or is there a problem with the air conditioner??


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        So what's your question?

        There's no guess-work up here where I live. October comes and everybody loads all their finishes and glues into boxes and pile the stuff into the house. I don't have much so it's pretty quick.

        Finishing is summer work with the doors open. Autumn is hunting season, of course. I try to fit in a little carving on rainy days. After November is quiet time in my house. Heidi-cat chirps at me for treats. The SiriusXM murmurs in the back ground. A little 1kW heater warms my shop just enough to get a little bit athletic about carving.

        Dad used to keep his winter shop running maybe +10C/50F. An hour with electric heaters was maybe shirt-sleeve 75F. He wiped the table saw and jointer, etc with something on a rag (kerosene?) which was enough that I never saw any rust.
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          Had studio in the mainland all windows but was not attached to house. I used a wood stove to heat it, although super cold in winter if was bad it did get below zero at times in the winter..., had a small space heater near me to keep warm. In the summer too expensive to use used a very big shop fan and dressed light. Today I use a very big shop fans, and do dress warm for cool weather. Although not the most comfortable in extreme weather this is manageable. This is a very cheap method of keeping a shop bearable without totally heating and or cooling the whole area. Cost of electric is high for heating and cooling and keeping an outdoor space at comfortable temp is expensive unless you got lots of money.

          Weather did not have much effect on the tools, nor the rest. Only thing I worry about today is the high humidity which causes outrageous rust issues and bugs that eat wood is really bad here... because my shop today is open to the elements.
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            I live on the gulf coast. Tempe can be in the teens in winter and 100+ In the summer. And humid most of the time. I have small a 12’x16’ shop in the back yard. I insulated ceiling and walls. I have a small inexpensive window air conditioner on a timer more than enough for cooling the shop. I have a small ceramic heater keeps the shop warm in cool weather. There is about 4 months of the year I do not run either. With low humidity you would have less of a issue. We are also on a fixed in come and I do not find cooling and heating the shop to make a big different in our power bills.
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