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A question for the married folks

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    Re: A question for the married folks

    Chips: I\'m well along carving a pair of story poles which describe the lives of butterflies = eggs at the bottom then many sizes of caterpillars wrapped around the poles with the cocoon and the butterfly at the top. Outlined the caterpillars with a RotoZip. Now rounding off the bodies (50+, I lose count).
    5\" x 5\" x 64\" split western red cedar, needed 40\" round in the middle part. Adzes and draw knife. $5 each post at the mill.
    Brian T


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      Re: A question for the married folks

      Originally posted by scotia carver View Post
      Hi Paul
      You have a beautiful do there, looks like he is the General Manager already, Schnauzer are good ratter, good watch dog and best part non sheding
      I agree, Bruce. We have three dogs, two old rescues who mainly eat, sleep and shed now, and a young miniature Schnauzer, who we call the family brat because he always annoys the other two. He is fearless, and a mighty lizard hunter, as well as an alert watchdog...and doesn\'t shed!


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        Re: A question for the married folks

        Paul, my friend now and has for quite a while lives outside of Springfield near a C.W. battlefield in Brookline, Mo. Beautiful area. But too many tornadoes for us. We\'ll stay with earthquakes. At least once they are done and over with, our stuff will be in a pile right where it was .

        I should have read your location. Then I wouldn\'t have had to ask.



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          Re: A question for the married folks

          My husband of 40 years as of last month is used to me carving at the kitchen counter and getting wood chips all over. I sweep them off the floor at night and also off the counter into a paper bag just for him to help him get a fire started in our wood stove.
          It\'s a win win situation unless the chips get into the food or he gets splinters in his bare feet.
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            Re: A question for the married folks

            Sharon, we have both a wood cook stove and heat stove. When it gets really cold it takes a both stoves to heat the place. So I light a lot of fires.

            For years I have used my wood chips and scraps of projects as kindling. Then in 2010 I was put on blood thinner. Any temps under about 60 degrees makes my fingers actually hurt. Unlined gloves are no help.

            A few years ago Diana bought a melted wax hand immersion device. It is wonderful! I guess they have been around for years; but I had never heard of them. That hot wax is amazing. Uncomfortable while my hand is in there. But, when I take it out, put it in the baggie and then into the mitten ─ well, it almost makes me want to go back into the cold for a rerun!

            I was stripping off the used wax one day and had an epiphany. I take one of the pulp paper egg cartons, put wood chips in each section, strip off the used wax mix the two together, cut out the section and have a wonderful fire starter. Two waste products combined.
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