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Reflections on Woodcarving

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  • Reflections on Woodcarving

    Woodcarving has many wonderful aspects and a number of drawbacks. A major concern of most beginners is taking off too much wood. Generally, the problem is leaving too much wood. Sometimes to the extent that you can identify the corners of the original block of wood. More of a frustration than drawback is realizing you have made a mistake or just not approving of the work already accomplished.

    A couple of weeks ago, I experienced a major frustration. I had drawn in, used a \"V\" tool to outline, a knife to stopcut, shaving cuts to lower the edges of the feather and a sanding tool to smooth down the feathers. Only to find that I did not like what I had accomplished. So, I sanded off the feathers and started over. Two weeks later I am fairly complacent and have about half of the carved off feathers back on there.

    There are many more pleasant experiences to woodcarving described by woodcarvers. The feel of a super sharp knife slicking through the wood, the tactile feel of the wood, the smell of the wood, viewing the wood curl up away from the cutting tool and hopefully the feeling of accomplishment with the artistry of the final product.

    Many woodcarvers, including me, go into a state of meditation during some aspects of woodcarving ─ carving feathers and hair, burning the barbs on feathers or fur on an animal. Time passes with little realization. Something causes me to return to a state of awareness. I won\'t call it meditation but I cannot remember a thing that I might have concentrated upon.

    I believe I was totally honest several years ago when a lady asked me, Is wood carving your hobby? and I answered, No ma\'am, it\'s my addiction!
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    Re: Reflections on Woodcarving

    So true Paul.
    . . . JoeB
    . . .JoeB


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      Re: Reflections on Woodcarving

      There is little in life that is as soothing or as rewarding as putting knife to wood and coming to the end result of something that is both an accomplishment and a fulfillment of your hopes such as producing a carving that you\'ve put your best effort into and realized that it came out better than you expected.



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        Re: Reflections on Woodcarving

        I have been carving about 6 months. I do find it relaxing can\'t speak much for accomplishment as mostly I produce firewood but thats ok the goal is to relax as Paul stated above.


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          Re: Reflections on Woodcarving

          Now that the weather is improving, I can hardly wait to go out and sit on the patio overlooking the pond and the woods and making some chips. Does not get much better! (The experience, not my carving!)