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Second to Last Christmas Ornament

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  • Second to Last Christmas Ornament

    Before the end of winter, I'm going to carve a couple of Christmas tree ornaments more. I was particularly happy to do this one, because it is made from a special wood (and rather expensive indeed) obtained from a tree of the conifer family (Latin name is Pinus Cembra). The characteristic of this wood is that you carve it like carving a piece of soap (although I had problems with this one to carve the right moustache. I had to add glue) and has got a very pleasant scent. The scent reminded me the periods spent at the Carving School of Oulz on the Alps near the Italian-French border.I have another similar ornament in progress, but the wood is not so "noble".
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    That sounds like a very interesting kind of wood. Are you going to paint this ornament?
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      Neat carving, I did a search on the wood, very interesting
      . . .JoeB


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        I won't paint it, because I think this wood is better unpainted. I add that I saw big woodworks made with this wood. They had a kind of golden hue (is this word correct?).