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  • Santa Ornament

    I figured I'd try another Santa Ornament. Thanks for taking a look, and thanks again to Steve Reed for more details on his eye painting technique. Question for you Santa carvers...what is the tool you use to put those little grooves in the hat rim and ball?

    And, not to beat a dead reindeer here, but notice the growth rings on the left side of the face and none on the right side. I'm gonna conclude that I should have carved this block on a different corner. Next time...


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    Nice carving Mike. Great work on the eyes. I wouldn't worry too much about the growth rings, to me this just confirms it's a wood carving and not a ceramic figure. Most times the trim on the hat including the ball is done with either a small gouge or a vee tool. At least that's what I've done, don't know about how others approach this.



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      You did a great job, to answer your question, I use small ball diamond bits
      . . .JoeB


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        Nicely done, Steve. I use a small gouge and sometimes a small V tool depending on the look I want. Vladimir's site shows a nice easy way to do it.
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          Nice looking Santa. I texture the hat/fur with a Dockyard 4mm or 5mm gouge most of the time. Same tools for beards. For the mustache, I use a 1.5mm v tool, also from Dockyard. I often then deepen some of the gouge cuts in the beard with a knife... https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...ament-finished

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            Thanks Tinwood, I do like the growth rings to show, I think it would have been nice if they showed on both cheeks. Small gouge for the hat trim, time for another tool!

            JoeB, Thanks, I've got a dremel, I should try to use it more. Thanks for your comment!

            Bill, thanks for the comment. I'll check out Vlad's site for his technique, thanks.

            Claude, the photo you linked to is the look I'd like to acheive on the hat trim, thanks for the photo and the tool tips. Where did you purchase the Dockyard tools? I just did a quick internet search and see that Amazon has them and several online woodcarver supply outfits. Thanks


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              Excellent Santa ornament and a top notch job on the eyes! If you don't have a shallow gouge for your hat trim I sometimes use a small V-tool.
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                Here's a link to what can be done with a v-tool:



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                  Hi Mike , Good job , your on the Learning Road now by wanting to try different Tools for different effects . Merle


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                    Hey Mike great job on the carving and painting of the Santa Ornament, very well done.Mike the tools i use allot on a Santa hat fur and also beards is #11 tools, and as for the beard I'll step down 3 sizes to get the overlap effect of beard and mustache hair.
                    Mark N. Akers
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                      Thanks everyone! Yes, I think my 4 tools are rather large for any of the finer work. I bought this set, Flexcut Beginner Kit. I like the set just fine but think I'll add a few smaller detail tools. I'm not sure what the numbers for the tools y'all mention refer to so I'll do some more research, I'm sure I can find it down in the "Tool Forum"

                      Thanks again for the input....


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                        Flexcuts are nice but you always seem to need more chisels/knives, Mike. I like the OCC and many others prefer others like Helvie, Drake, and numerous makers. I do have many Flexcuts, dockyards, Ramuleson, etc. Just get what suits you and there are enough knife makers out there to suit everyone.

                        Regardless, a swell carving.
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                          Mike, great job on Santa! As far as details on the hat, I'm with Claude. Sometime I'll take a small #9 and create random divots in the hat fur, same for the ball on the end of his hat. For moustache, I use dockyard gauges. For the beard I use #9 and #11s of various sizes. I also use my knife tip on the ends of the moustache as seen here. Along with what all the others have said, sometimes your pocket book determines the number and quality of tool purchases. We all have our favorites.
                          Great carving, and keep at it!
                          Steve Reed - Carvin' in the flatlands!
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                            Thanks Steve, I'll do some shopping for the tools you all mentioned. The Dockyard's seem to be more in my price range.
                            Thanks again everyone. Mike